Get It Off Your Chest


The last word, with Matt JJF Cooper!


Good man Rochey keep it going.


Easy to understand the frustrations, lads. People of several generations have been let down by successive governments over the years (and continue to be so). Housing wouldn’t be the only issue. The unhealthy state of the Health Service would be another.
Fair play to those who have come out of the other side, having made all sorts of sacrifices. Without downplaying what they have achieved, such options weren’t readily available to others. It’s easy to pass judgement on people that we actually probably don’t know too much about when it comes to their everyday struggles.


Look lads don’t mean to be having a go anyone. Apologies, I’m in the height of it. Sister in private rental with electricity gone in one room and landlord acting the prick. I’m on defcon 4 because of it. Still not an excuse. I didn’t mean to belittle or insult anyones sacrifices, I made them myself and know how hard it is. Apologies!


Accepted and apologies extended back. It’s an emotive subject for lots of us here.



What’s Leo’s opinion concerning Lentils in Coddle?


He probably thinks they’ll go “boom-diddy-boom-diddy-boom-diddy-boom”, to quote an old song.


This made me laugh out loud. And now Im watching Anchorman again


I’m with JJ on this. Me and Mrs Oh made the same sort of sacrifices and are still struggling with some of it; my parents grafted hard all their lives to give us a decent one; but what gets me is that after our leaders screwed up so badly we are being scolded by one of those who did well for himself as if it’s all just somebody else’s fault and problem.

One of the reasons why so many people have had so much of that struggle were the decisions made and actions taken, and still going on in ways, by Varadkars ilk. He cannot just distance himself from it nor dismiss the limitations still placed on people trying to have something of a better life. He is moving the focus of attention from him and his govt onto the people. He is setting an agenda, a standard which says its normal to not have much choice. It’s the classic Conservative Liberal line.

Meanwhile his legal buddies are wasting/taking millions on tribunals and the like. And virtually no new housing etc, which is keeping rents at stupid levels and driving 2nd hand prices way up again.


I do think it’s hilarious that the free market has absolutely driven us all by the pin of our respective collars folks. I mean the average 3 bed semi in Dublin is over 350k these days. That’s absolutely criminal in my opinion.
To borrow a line from the west wing. It’s supposed to be hard. But this hard?


Anyone here go for the 100% mortgages at the time of buying ?


Went looking at houses down the country a few years ago , could get one for about €35k .


No… But I didn’t get a tracker when we should off been offered one. Hopefully the redress will sort it.


Interesting to see who is acting as Counsel for Maurice McCabe in grilling the ex Garda Commissioner at the O’Higgins Commission. Albeit, he seems to be giving her a good going over, how much is he pocketing per day? Will anybody be held responsible/accountable at the end of it all?


What’s the house prices out your way , nearly on a par with Dublin in Ashbourne.


Houses in my estate are going for what people bought back in the boom times 2004. about 250k–290k. I often ask myself wtf was I thinking.


Yeah , there’s tiny houses going for 240k out here , then in a new estate about €450k and in others €350k .
Building new estates here has going bananas in the last two years . Every spare plot of land is been bought up for development.


450? christ.