Get It Off Your Chest


You are stretching the term ‘man’…and you’re probably not allowed to use such a restrictive term anymore! :yum::rofl::rofl:


Leo. The common man.


i’m no fan of Leo - but whats the ground breaking statement he has made here ?

I saved, borrowed and moved in with the in laws for over a year while paying the mortgage on a house i couldn’t sell because of negative equity in Galway, before being able to get a second mortgage. I’m over 3 years in my house in Dublin and have the finishing line in sight regarding 2 of the bank loans i took out with my wife.

Does everything have to be given on a plate to people ?


Well said wee man. We renegotiated the mortgage, rented rooms from our family home, and made huge sacrifices over the last 10 years. We absolutely considered moving into the mother in laws too, but thankfully my wife got a job again, just before that became necessary.

I feel there’s too much sense of entitlement in certain quarters.


Not all parents would be in a position to help in the way Darth Varadkar I assume is suggesting. I think that’s the nub of JJF’s post.


Agree completely. Some people really need to get over themselves. If it’s not a family’s job to help their members out it sure as hell isn’t mine.

We’ve developed an awful sense of victim hood in this country in the last decade.

I don’t know about anyone else but my father worked his arse off to pay for his house. Why should anyone able bodied and compos mentis be any different?


Thank you Beeko. Thats it. Not all parents have that kind of money. And Leo coming form a privileged background should be little mindful of this. I believe every one should stand on their won two feet but without upsetting the hardworking snowflakes here, buying a house in 2018 must be a nightmare for any young couple trying to get one.


Jesus Alan, if ya ever need to get down of that soapbox Ill send Dublin Fire brigade over to ya with a ladder.


Same…a year and a half with the in laws with a 2 year old…then when living there telling them there was another one on the way was a laugh :rofl::rofl:…all good now though, only way we could have saved for our house.


And whats that got to do with the article Rochey? We don’t need a life story on folks here as to the sacrifices they have made. We have all made them. Medals in the post. Its about a throwaway comment thats in vein with the Bank of Ireland ad, there is a housing crisis on thats fuelled by supply and demand. And number a number other factors. Not every parent is a GP that lives in castlenock.


The article isn’t solely about gifts from parents either. It is saying that there are a number of ways that people have to save.


Correct - My parents aren’t wealthy but aren’t wasteful with their money. they helped but didn’t stump up the cash for the whole amount.

My pregnant wife had to get a bus to Galway , leave a 1 year old behind do a night shift as a nurse and get the bus home after the shift to come back and mind our child as we had to keep a permanent job for the mortgage as well. on the weekends we all traveled up to Galway and she worked the weekends while i minded a kid in a house we didn’t want to be in. We did this for over a year.

End of the day we are where we want to be now.


You’re using an article from the Independent to have a go at someone, you’ve already lost


He has a point, @JJF!!!


Sue me!


You can sue too.


You do know there’s ways of making a point here without being a sanctimonious p****


I do Rochey and I could say the same to you.




Bless yourself.