Get It Off Your Chest


The judge took into consideration the difficulty for a garda in prison

Sorry… should that count? If so, the sentence should be increased as a member of An Garda Siochana should be made an example of for not upholding the law.


It’s more than some people got for far worse crimes :frowning:


It is. System is donald-ducked.


At least she’s doing time unlike that prick who burgled a house while on a suspended sentence for a previous burglary and got another suspended sentence to teach him a lesson :roll_eyes:


The only suspended sentences for these guys is hanging …


Yup Donald ducked.


How we got to here.


Fella shot dead in Clondalkin. He’s Linked to the Hutches according to Mick O’Toole from the Star


Another guy who thrives on this gang warfare. It’s like a w@nkfest for them.


RTE has finally, openly dumbed down fully. It was always likely to happen once they got two birds to present the news! Just now, they informed us at the end of the tv. news, that Ed. Sheeran is engaged. This is now news. Jesus wept. Shortly Six-One will include ‘All the goss’. There is nowhere left to turn.


Controversial! :smile:


Positively incendiary in the current climate.


Bras will be burnt


I hope they take them off first.


Did you just assume the gender of the person wearing the bra :astonished:


No… Only those burning them.


“Me Too!”




And you will be able to hear all about that in ‘the goss’ , which will become a staple part of Six One ‘news’. They’ll probably exhume Lorraine Keane (I’m a celebrity because…well just…I mean I’ve never done anything) to present that bit. It’ll be good to be able to keep up with Harry and Angela Merkel or whoever the fock he is shacked up with. Iomaint is beginning to despair.


Can someone give Iomaint an extra large dose of Feminex and a nice cup of camomile tea? Maybe pop over to his Man Cave and read your favourite volume of Sylvia Plath poetry to him, in gentle, soothing tones?

He (or is a more gender neutral term more appropriate?) will need a helping hand, when he finds out that the editor of the Six One News and presumably the decison maker on their content, is actually a man. And to add insult to injury, a Liverpool supporter to boot.

Oh the humanity !