Get It Off Your Chest


Then you have his recent economic policies of inviting the vulture funds in.

Sound fella, they say.


The weirdest of shit goes down in Kerry.


This is dreadful, if there is a connection.


The misspelling was pointed. Pointed like a swordfish. Pointless censure is to be fought, we shell overcome.


This was a horrible case, and I remember it at the time. I was delighted to hear that Joanne Hayes has been cleared.
I just get the feeling that all of this is coming out now because those responsible for this miss-carriage of justice will now either be dead or too old to prosecute…It’s the same old sh*te again…


I just pulled this off twitter beggars belief !
Declan bogue
Just been informed that all county boards have been sent a letter from Croke Park to ask if they want to take part in a tribute dinner to Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh. Tables at E5,000 each, all proceeds to go to Kerry sports academy at IT Tralee 1/2


Presume if true Ewan et all will be on the case or will they just ignore it becuase of who it is and the county that it will benefit


I take it "the kerry sports academy at Tralee I.T " is the more palatable name sometimes used for the Kerry county board €9.5 million plus centre of excellence.


What’s unpalatable about having a COE?


Jeeze you wouldn’t mind if the Kerry Co Board sent the letter but it should not come from HQ. Will they now promote everybody’s fund raising?




We are the only show in town :sunglasses:, this will be swept under the cover . He’s no beef with Kerry .


nothing unpalatable about a Kerry centre of excellence if your from Kerry but if your asking your competing counties to donate to fund it, it might be better to call it Tralee I.T sports academy.


Don’t see how that’s any more palatable to outside counties, how many from beyond the southwest region would ever benefit from that?


Govt granting of 50% for this €15m project. That’s €7.5m you won’t be reading about on twitter or hearing about on Communicorps


Can someone clear up the confusion below is link to Kerry centre of excellence at currans is this distinct from Tralee I.T sports acedemy


Don’t think it’s the same but it’s only about 20 mins driving time between the 2 according to Google Maps


Kerry GAA are partners in the €15m (or €26.5 depending on what you read) Kerry IT project (Ogie heavily involved). They will use it for gym etc - hope they don’t take their gym gear out …

Afaik the other €7m development at Currans is a separate project by Kerry GAA.


Seems very extravagant two state of the art resources in close proximity backed by the Kerry county board and none of the usual suspects crying advantage or financial doping etc …


At least he’s picking up on this particular issue

Still unusual for him mind you