Get It Off Your Chest


You don’t think they need the car spaces? As a regular user I can tell you they do.

20 movements a year? And often for people who are very seriously ill or injured?

Pure NIMBYism


Dreadful state of affairs altogether.
shocking so it is


It would make you sikorsky …


Ahlouette go, will ya!


Listen whatever you’re having yourself and all that. I just wouldn’t be as quick to blame local residents. I would say the Hospital Management have serious questions to answer.

At this rate, they could just put a few car spaces in the Ambulance Parking bays and transfer patients from the Ambulance on to a Golf Buggy at the bus stop outside the grounds!

In all seriousness though, once the Helicopter landed on the football pitch next door it was also taking another Ambulance out of circulation while it waited to transfer the patient back to the hospital.

Build the HeliPad on top of the hospital and save time money and resources that way, surely?!


They should seek mediation through the local rotary club …


What the ■■■■ were they thinking seriously

It was obviously not deliberate but Jesus how the ■■■■ did they not pick up how it could be perceived


Kids top. Then they have an African kid do the modelling, do they decide to say no? That too could be seen as prejudice…


If it wasn’t meant as racist, then it’s not racist! PC gone mad. Racism is a hate crime and that’s not hate.


Racism can take many forms. A lack of sensitivity or awareness in how a joke or a word or phrase may be perceived to a person of colour, can do damage too, even if it was not originally intended as a racial slur.


That’s bollocks.


Funny how its only ever white people who say that.

Ask my African American nieces about being being given “jungle bunny” T shirts and bunny ears to wear in a school drama skit and get back to me about it being b0ll0cks or not.


Intent is key. In the instance you cite it’s hard to argue it was anything other than intentional and a disgrace.

Your statement above re lack of sensitivity or awareness equating to racism is bollocks however. It’s on this range of safe space/ triggering nonsense, where one person’s acute sensitivity/ tendency to over-dramatise/ under-developed ego/ whatever is projected against somebody else.


In fairness that’s another level. Who would give a “jungle bunny” T-shirt to any kid regardless of colour?


As I said, PC gone mad. Positive discrimination is the fuckiest thingiest thing of all time. And there are folk who love to stir the pot because of it.

As I said and Tommy did (I think) it’s intent to cause hurt or insensitive name calling that is racial, in my unqualified opine set!


More than genocide, dead puppies or pineapple on pizza?


is ignorance an acceptable defence for making racist statements?

Is racism not in the eye of the victim?


Worse than Olly Murs, Ronaldo, Michael Mc Intyre, Mrs Browns Boys, Bono, TOWIE, Mourinho or the GAA Season Ticket Office?


Of course not. If that were the case you’d have the meaning and ‘value’ of your behaviour determined by each person, any of whom can call you anything based on their own particular point of view or hang-ups.


Fucking joke