Get It Off Your Chest


She was a big fan of A Flock of Seagulls… “Iran, Iran so far away!”.


Big Page 3 spread of Meghan Markle today…

in The Guardian. :frowning:


This ain’t a scene from a film , wild fires in LA ,


Mad stuff, how is it safe to drive anywhere near that? Must be loads of burning debris blowing around


Irish water cheque arrived :blush::blush: @dcr22B


Sorry about the late reply , but im only getting out of the Joy now. I couldn’t believe it when the guard walked into me cell this afternoon and told me I was been released, I was 2 days away from the noose. I remember the day I went in and another prisoner asked, hay head what ye in for , after about 20 seconds of thinkin I hung me head in shame and replied, I called a fella a moron on res of Dubs , oh jaysus he said I hope he wasn’t from mayo, you’ll be lucky to be out by Christmas, but thank God I got out today. Anyway im glad your judge jury and executioner only on this site and not in the joy or i’d be off to the gallows. As far as im aware this site is for supporters to express opinions and discussions on matches, teams , players etc, I expressed mine, you didn’t like them so ye decided you’d shut the whole thread down cause I didn’t do what you wanted. God love ye , are goin to get this one closed aswell cause ye dont like me spellin. Sad Sad Sad.
Thanks to those that supported me for believein in free speech
andy is a moron


This is getting tedious.


You were banned ??


the food is brutal on the inside


We all remember this Langer , don’t we


Dub95, you were treated badly and when the opportunity presented itself for those who write the rules to amend the situation they failed miserably. It would be nice to think a lesson was learned by the mods on here from your treatment and in future the right thing would be done instead of a rush to defence. It’s big of you to come back and I applaud you for it, let’s hope fairness prevails in future and Mayo football is treated like the big boys instead of the over sensitive victim that has prevailed on here.


Jesus lads do us all a favour and ban him again…


Very unhelpful comment , Better the doctor takes some of his own medicine.


Are you sure it was mountjoy? From your notes I think it was Robben island. Bono is writing a song for ye Dub95. Mothers of the dubs who disappeared I think he s calling it.


Lads, it appears to me this situation needs to be dealt with by PM before it escalates again unnecessarily. It would be a shame for people to be shooting themselves in the foot over what is not exactly a massive issue, IMO.
For what it’s worth my opinion is that Dub 95’s original comment was objectionable but not the worst we’ve seen. I was actually enjoying his/her posts, I didn’t agree at all with some of the comments but I took it as biased fan funny contribution, and it was funny, harmless stuff really.

Where it went wrong was in not responding properly to the moderator’s call to withdraw the offensive word. Even if you can argue it was a bit harsh, the point is that there’s a way of dealing with it, and Dub 95’s way was the wrong way, which was to ignore the warning and take the piss out of it. If any organisation allows the people who run it to be treated like that, they undermine the running of it badly. Dub 95 may have been arguably in some way right about the treatment of the use of the word but the point here in the end was when you get taken to Task, don’t try to claim you didn’t know the winters are cold there. (Unless you were really bad at Geogo).

When you weigh it all up, it just wasn’t worth getting into a row over, just simply withdraw the word, and have a proper debate about fairness etc. Or do it by PM. Mods can’t get everything exactly right, or exactly how every very different person here would want it, just like refs. So they have to be treated with respect for the thankless job they do.

Just to repeat, I enjoy Dub95’s humour and sharpness but I think it’s a big mistake to continue escalating this issue, sometimes even for the sharpest sparks, “discretion is the better part of valour”. Keep up the good work everyone.


Al’s right, you’d be better served to do this over PM lads.


Careful suggesting something rational and appropriate like that around here. Can result in an awful back lash.


Christ is that what qualifies as humour and sharpness these days??


One mans salt is another mans sugar!

On another note Lads yis are arguing over nothing. Harrys_tiles is right keep it to pm.


But sure people want to see their opinions seen by all , so as not to be shown they are wrong or shown up . Pms don’t work that way , it’s all about getting INTERNET retribution !