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Lucky we never did that in Dublin or we’d have no guards, nurses or teachers eh @mayoman !

I love our planning laws. Let’s protect our rural folk but f**k them Dubs … :wink:


You aiming this at me? If I want to build a house in rural Mayo I have to prove I am from and have grown up in the area.

I do have lovely Dublin neighbors up the road…

The planners want to reduce and possibly stop on off houses in the countryside.


I’m only winding you … seems if ya have a few bob you don’t even have to be Irish to build a nice posh gaff in the Wesht and South Wesht …


Some of them ‘rural folk’ are Dubs too, you seem to forget that. I agree with unbelievable too, some of the red tape around it is ridiculous, it took me a couple of years to get planning 100 yards from the house I was reared in all my life, while others with more ‘influential’ friends seemed to have no problems at all, but that was the glory of planning in Fingal in the late 90’s. I’d like to think that it has improved a bit since then. It’s wrong the way it discriminates against people who genuinely want to move into the area, but that’s the situation at the moment. What was mooted a few years ago was imposing a penalty on people that built and then tried to sell up within a certain period, ideally about 10 years, but I think that wasn’t legally possible to apply.


I was only winding but I actually think that preventing people from living in any area is actually discriminatory.


I don’t think it’s about preventing people per say but development. While I think the son or daughter of a farmer should be allowed to build on family land I think it’s bad practice to allow ribbon development.

Perfect example is Galway city, drive all the way from Galway to tuam and every by-road and track off the N17 has dozens and dozens of houses in a line.

This causes traffic congestion, water and sewage issue. It’s about finding a balance.


But you can’t have it every way. Cities are choking and yet all the talk is rural decline but obstacles are put in people’s way. Imagine if Dublin City Council said the city was full and only Dubs could live here from now on! :flushed:


Regional towns and cities need more development. We need to encourage more development in other parts of the country. The axis is tilting heavier and heavier towards the east coast all the time.

If as you say Dublin said dubs only then it would be a backwater. Goodbye Facebook, yahoo, google etc.

I am not anti Dublin but I am looking for a balance to make the whole country better.

I also trying Dublin needs to go high rise like nearly every other capital City. The building being built in the h doclands ar too low…I don’t know what her opinion of that is ?


What’s your reasoning behind that ?


Every thriving city needs outside influence, it’s not just a Dublin thing. Imagine New York without immigration? London? Galway without students?

The North Korean capital is the only city on earth I can think of that has a 100% local born population…enough said.


I d say there s a few mayo folk in Pyongyang, you fuckers are everywhere. Pretty sure I saw a mayo4sam on the side of one of Kim s rockets.

QOTW nominations

Haha - Jim Jung to hold a Mayo 4 Sam sign at some stage in the next 12 months…paddy power will probably give you odds


Why go up and put even more strain on services in the city. Correct spatial planning badly needed …


Brilliant!!! Is there still a QOTW thread??


I’m in the fingal area too. Rural area to be precise. Born are reared in the area and family home is still there. The criteria for locals alone to build a house on a site is madness.


I think we can agree planning both rural and urban is gone daft in this country…unless you have a few (ahem) brown envolopes lying around.


Or the local council asks for 15-30k on top of everything else for phantom footpaths and streetlighting that won’t happen up a country Lane with grass growing in the middle.


That’s the baffling part . I could understand outsiders , but locals having as much problems .Crazy .


You’ve seen this happening ?


I know of local that bought a site just outside the town. And was refused planning due to it not being 1.5 km from the family home. At most the family was was 2km or a small bit more