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Nope , Udo Kier

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Them’s fightin’ words…


I’m surprised you can remember yours, it was that long ago…


It’s a fair cop!


Some of the punctuation in this thread is a capital offence.


Most of the country seems to take Offence at the Capital - at least when we’re winning.


Il just say this and leave it at that, that there is a lot more freedom of expression on the site now, than there was in your day.


That was the Impressionist era. Some great things came out of it. In the beginning there was just light, and the light was white, and the light was with white…


Probably because the moderators he had were complete bast**ds! :slight_smile:


Agreed. Apart from WB. God I miss him. Falcon was sound too…


Your premise being that that’s a good thing, right?




I’m sensing you’re looking for me to make comment there. :grinning:


Well I’m having a good laugh, why stop now :joy:


Watching This Crowded House on Rte .Some wan on it trying to build on a site , I think in Westmeath . Then the estate agent or local councillor starts going on about “local needs” stipulations . What a load of bollix, never heard of this before . Did a bit of reading and found this from someone in a similar position in Meath years ago
"I’m not from Meath but moved up about 10 years ago (athlumney Area) and the misses has lived there her entire life about 100m from the site and she had to go back 10 years in bank statements, Insurance letters, letters from her schools, work and the church to prove she has lived in the area."

Seems the EU are getting involved in abolishing this .

Anyone else ever come up against this when building a house outside or on the border of Dublin ?


It exists in Dublin too, or in Fingal at least. Anyone looking for planning in a rural area, as in zoned for agricultural use, needs to prove the ‘local needs’ thing too.


Seems a strange set of rules . I’ve read elsewhere it’s unconstitutional preventing foreigners from buying land & getting pp .


Not sure how constitutional it is but it was introduced to prevent developers buying a site, building one off houses and selling them on to people from outside the particular area.,and as a Dublin culchie I can understand why the rule is there and what’s more I agree with it. Now I know that’s going to sound a bit clannish , and no doubt I will get at least one deliverance quote thrown at me, but it is often forgotten that in rural areas, especially beyond the village environs, 3 or 4 new houses on a road would totally change the demographic of the area, it would be akin to putting an additional 1000 houses in a town like Rush or Skerries. This is what the rule is trying to protect, the community more so than simply where houses are built.


Sounds exactly like that tbh .And as a fellow Dublin culchie I can agree with some of what your saying . But the extremes with which you have to go through & jump through hoops smacks of severe beuocracy.And it certainly discriminates against people not born here who genuinely want to build on a site .I’m currently investigating whether this is the case where my folks came from as I might be going down that route some time in the future .


This policy was rampant in Wicklow going back 20 years for anyone looking to build or even move into an estate from Dublin. Used to work in Cherrywood, and good few of the lads had looked at moving to Wicklow at the time, red-tape etc turned most of them off…