Get It Off Your Chest


Who’s the third I thought you where a fan favourite on this site? If we had the pat on the back from the old site you would be in the 100’ and thousands!

Anyway your my favourite poster after Dub11, Dub13, Dub15, Dub16, Dub17.




You should have left that where it was… A perfect way to start a pun-fest!

And very topical with Lassiter in the news!


pixar this! a thread without any puns! You would need to be a brave man or woman not to get sucked in. But then again a lot of wall e’s on this site!


You are dead to me …:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m dead to a lot off people!


Somehow it appears I’ve been lumped in to the triumphant trio for some reason or another. I’m flattered to be honest. The persecution complex is strong. Really puts TLR and his cosy cabal tin foil hat stuff in to the corner at this stage. Come back Bart you’re needed now more than ever!

On a serious note people shouldn’t take things so personally. Nor hold grudges. Those we rail against are often those most similar to ourselves :wink:

Lest we forget, this all started after a perfectly reasonable piece of discipline by those with the thankless task of managing an internet forum. I was merely standing up for them. Granted I have a bee in my bonnet (love that expression) for the premier league style of publicity and vitriol now attached to our games. I’ll continue to call it out.


ALL I keep saying it could be worse. Look at the mayo blog!


Reading this I’d guess 3rd Jan for the Dubs …


Absolutely. To quote Sonic Youth it’s Total trash! However unless you nip it in the bud, were headed in a dangerous direction.


Jaysus that was a great read! Whitey your some merchant!

It was Parish that used to refer (and still does) to his missus as Der Furher btw Old School


What’s that now…


Welcome to the holy trinity, we run this site now.


You are trying to get the mods to down tools so the site goes down, aren’t you?


Tin foil hats at the ready again!


Sure tis a great thread. I’m only joking too. Sure wasn’t it Whitey that made DCR a mod in the first place. Wouldn’t it be funny now if DCR barred Whitey :fireworks:


Cheers! Time to get comfortable. Mines a Guinness


David Cassidy in that picture .RIP.