Get It Off Your Chest


Using the PM same as shutting it down? No, no it’s not. Haha.

Apologies, I read a part of your response wrong. I thought you were comparing my use of ramblings to what got Dub95 put on gardening leave. I hold my hands up on that, my bad.

Never ever accused you of hijacking a thread. That was directed at the WUMs last night.

As for your issues with another poster. I’m sorry to hear about it. I wish all posters could just get a long but alas that doesn’t seem possible. Comparing me to another poster you’ve had a difficulty with is quite petty unfortunately. Tied in with that, pleading with me to ignore your posts comes across as childish my friend. Can we not remain adult about it?


That’s for the confirmation. :wink:



Has your 23 year old son hijacked your blackberry?
Christ man.


Ask him about the time he told someone to go ■■■■ themselves while having a “discussion” , we all had a good laugh about that :rofl:


Now my two favourites are at me again :joy:

Where’s the third one? I think we know the answer to that … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who me???


We are all against you , we are all against you , we are all against you :rofl:


This is the real cabal


More like the Holy Trinity in many ways … :smirk:


You better believe it , next on the agenda is to have puns banned , the real derailment of threads :joy:


You still yapping away


Yeah … but there’s only one of me …


You’re just intimidated by our youth.


That’s the problem with youth, it’s wasted on the young.


He hasn’t had his nap yet …


I haven’t had my bottle yet today, or my nap and I’m teething and you don’t see me complaining!





Ah hang on, he doesn’t have to put UP with that!