Get It Off Your Chest


He’s not the only one :roll_eyes:


Who wore a poster hat and moderator hat. Can’t remember him threatening the door to anyone in a discussion he was involved in. But go on.
There incidents where ad hominem attacks were moderated. And there was an open discussion around site improvements with feedback welcomed.
Don’t misplace control for dictatorship


He he… Remember Sack in Spandex and his pornographic picture? Mental stuff!


I was trying to keep you out of it


Sack in spandex - a blast from the past


Your probably one of the biggest culprits here :rofl:
I’m surprised you had the neck to even write that :joy:


Yeah sorry for discussing things on a discussion forum.


Apology accepted.


‘the only hostility is coming from you’. Man that made me laugh.

If someone is acting the goat, they’re entitled to expect to be reprimanded. Thems the rules. If someone else decides to take up the baton, they risk being called out on it. It’s a jungle out there, but it is what it is.

And to address your other accusations.

Hypocrisy: None here bud. It’s cause and effect. The lads acting the WUM were the cause, and the effect is people are going to be annoyed and bite back.

Deflection: I fail to see it. I’m happy to address anything that has or has not been said.

Totalitarian adherence: There is a liberal and mild system of moderation in situ. I have only requested people respect that. For the simple reason that it makes life easier for those of us who respect said rules.

As for your final accusation. I refute that entirely. That’s so far off the mark it beggars belief.


Jaysus, it’s very tense here.

Maybe this will help?


I remember being at a wedding a few years back. Discussing Assad, Saddam etc. A fella said to me, there’s nothing wrong with having one man in charge, once it’s the right man

Or in the case of this forum, you’d apply the plural.


Can you clarify then please. You want to close down any discussion on this - no? Or am I reading your posts incorrectly? You think a guys posts are ramblings and he is not entitled to question or ask why a guy was banned? Is that not the case here?

The moderation is indeed liberal and excellent - but should it be above question or discussion?

The point I would make here is that this seems to centre on the use of the word moron instead of Moran. I can think of a very good poster here who has regularly called people clowns - one of his favourites. Yet if has always gone unchecked that I could see. I am not complaining as the mods here have enough to be doing - but I am just wondering.

And you should really see me when I’m hostile … this is not approaching half a % … this is curiosity


Where has it been above discussion? I explained a few times why I did what I did. Not everyone is going to like it, that’s totally understandable.

I feel I have said more than enough on it at this point and as we have reiterated on numerous occasions around here, there is a report function if someone has an issue with a post. My suggestion to one and all is that they use it more often…


None of the mods have ever said it is beyond discussion.


Do you read people’s posts at all? Shut down? No. Take to PM? Yes. I have been explicitly clear on this throughout my posts have I not?? You need me to clarify again??

Haha suggesting I should be banned forbidding the word ramblings is beyond comical. I knew youwere funny but not that funny.

Of course some forms of moderation should be questioned, if that’s what tickles your fancy. I’m simply asking yous to spare the rest of us the experience of having popular threads hijacked and locked by using a pm. Seems that’s too much to ask??

On to your next point. Take that up with the mods here or the poster him/her self if you feel it necessary.

As for your last line, care to elaborate? Are you saying you’re the big bad wolf or am I missing something?


His bark is much worse than his bite.


Except for the you know where the door is comment.


Taking it to PM is not the same as shutting it down in a sense - no?

And where did I say you should be banned - cop on never said anything of the like . You are very like some other posters here who throw back things at you that you never said. Actually you are uncannily like another poster here … he loves an argument with me as well … imagine that …

I am not hijacklng any thread - just discussing this on the Get it Off Your Chest thread so what’s the problem - it’s exactly what this thread is for - no? So I am taking the issue up with the mods here and not PM which is your preference.

Feel free to ignore me from now on … please.


To echo @dubinhell post, I have one question:

When does the O’Byrne Cup start???


Spoofer alert !