Get It Off Your Chest


For the most part yes.

The mods here are big enough to look after themselves. However when they make a decision to discipline a poster, it should be left to them and the posters involved to discuss it. If discussion is at all necessary.

I don’t think it’s fair to expect other posters, and those with a preference for respect between each other, for the most part, to have to read the ramblings of a few attention seeking WUMs that result in threads being locked.


Has Bart recovered from fighting the CABAL? interesting to hear his take on all of this! the love in for Mayo not the ban!


Are you not WUMming there now with that? I think the issues being discussed are fair enough and it’s good to see various points of view. I wouldn’t expect Mods to explain every decision they make - and they do a good job on a site where the vast majority of posts are inoffensive and informative. We can all lose the head in an argument and get pulled up by a Mod and most times people accept they have gone OTT.

But if someone feels aggrieved what’s the harm in discussing that reasonably? Democracy and all that …


Hahahaha. How am I even close to being on a wind up? I’m defending due process on this site. While also defending my position as a regular contributer. There was nothing undemocratic about what happened imo. Several warnings were given, and said WUM persisted in his inappropriate behaviour. If you want to redefine the boundaries of respect work away. There’s countless pages similar to Hill 16 Army out there. Another one or two won’t hurt!


Go on then. Yeah.


I’m referring to the after discussion - it’s good to discuss in a democratic way. I am not defining the boundaries of respect - just discussing what they might be. There is no need for constant references to other sites - we are talking about here.


What’s with the feck off somewhere else attitude. If a member has a genuine grievance as to how another poster was treated in a discussion, surely the correct response is not a rush to defence waving the troll hammer and shooting the messenger. Be big enough to discuss the concern raised and maybe just maybe it might improve what is a good and worthwhile forum .
PS. hill16 army is not my cup of tea but I respect the hard work the guy does and the tens of thousands of dubs that support him.


The after discussion is unnecessary. The issue was dealt with by the moderators. Napper can go and picket the Ressers HQ if he wants to defend Dub95 so badly. The rest of us, who for the most part participate in discussion in a respectful and polite manner, have no need to be subjected to his ramblings or similar, at the risk of more threads being locked. Thats my position, I make no apologies for it.

I mentioned that vitriolic cess pit Hill 16 army twice (3 times now!). Is that your definition of constant?


Of course you do.

To answer your question. Read my posts. I’ve been explicitly clear about it.


So we should just go along with what you want then eh? “The after discussion is unnecessary” - says you - so that’s that then? And what gives you the right to disparagingly refer to his posts as ‘ramblings’.

Your position is fine - but it doesn’t make it everyone else’s position. Can you not respect other posters’ right to question things? As you might say yourself - if you don’t want to be part of the discussion or see no need for it you can just tune out - no?

One man’s vitriolic cesspit and all that …


There was a mod on here a few years ago, I think they reffered to him as the Führer, cant remember his name. . . . . . .


Never heard of any mod being called the fuhrer, and I’ve been on here since 2002!


It’s like my overeaters anon group, after a few meetings I feel I’ve grown as a person.


This place looks after itself . I’d say the moderators have next to nothing to do . And that’s the sign of a well run site .How many people have actually been banned . Falcon & a couple of Yahoo’s from mayo .
It can get a little nasty at times but nothing that warrants a ban .Last night was just a blip .


That’s the 2,014th time you’ve mentioned it anyway!


referred to, I was joking anyway . . .


For the record, @Dub95 has not been banned, I have muted him for a few days & hope that he comes back with a wee attitude adjustment.

Perhaps I did pull the trigger a bit early on him but I asked nicely not to insult a player & all I got back in return were two smart alec responses so it was obvious that he was going to continue as he was.

As has been reiterated above, all the mods including myself have better things to be doing than cleaning up this mess. As for being told that I have a pro-Mayo agenda, that’s just ridiculous. Yes, we are a Dublin GAA fans forum but we can have a bit of fun at our opposition’s expense. I know our players get abuse on other mediums but can we not just rise above it here and discuss things like adults?


I fail to see where your hostility is coming from. You’re entitled to it however. Enjoy.

It’s an internet forum. Free speech and all that. However said forum needs moderation. If posters cross the line, there has to be consequence. If people have an issue with said consequence, they’re perfectly entitled to question it. However when it results in threads being locked, and other threads being hijacked, then I feel I’m entitled to be critical.

My opinion is just that, an opinion. Never said we all had to agree with it or dance to my tune. I wouldn’t even attempt to speculate as to whether the majority agree or not. It’s irrelevant to me. However I’m going to speak out if I have an issue with something. As I said earlier if Napper or anyone has an issue with the justice dispensed there is a PM facility with which all can be discussed and explained. It’s not rocket science. I stand by my comments r.e attention seeking and ramblings. That they are offensive to you is unfortunate.


If I were you I wouldn’t be questioning myself. Self doubt is an awful thing though!


The only hostility is coming from you Savio - towards another poster. I am questioning your stand in a reasonable manner. But it is a good way of deflecting from a genuine discussion. You are of course as entitled to be critical as much as people are entitled to question things.

Just because I question your views it does not make them offensive to me. I just see a massive amount of hyprocrisy in them. You seem to think your opinions here are all that matter and that we should all adhere to your take on things.