Get It Off Your Chest


Terrible response. Whatever about the actual incident with the insult. There has to be an open forum. The it’s my ball I’m going home response isn’t warranted


The whole thread turned into a joke and was ruined by some posters childish behaviour, as for my comment that you claim ‘accusation wholly untrue’ well last night you kept winding people up and told someone to ‘grow a pair’ if that isn’t winding someone up then I don’t know what is.


I like Nappertandy’s contribution - even though I disagree hugely with some of His views - and changing and a to an o in someone’s name is hardly the greatest sin in the world. I’d say there isn’t a Moran in Ireland who hasn’t had that one cracked at them. On other ‘respectable’ forums our players are called far worse.


Does this mean now we can’t call Ewan spewan?


EMcK has done a lot to be called a lot of things. Andy Moran, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t.


I take exception that you say " I was winding people up" certainly wasn’t any intention on my behalf. Secondly the use of the term "grow a pair " while I accept not a nice phrase to use towards a poster was solely indicative of my heightened negative opinion of their post. While I accept people post wrongly or unfairly and mods have a job it’s the arbitrary and unfair manner in which a mod has acted and the rush to attack and categorise me negatively for highlighting what I see as a flaw in this forum.




It isn’t the greatest sin in the world @Dub09 but I would like to think that we are above childish stuff like that especially when I asked nicely for a bit for respect to be told that I have a pro-Mayo agenda.

Obviously some are going to disagree with how I handled it, that’s totally fine but I think the majority of posters would think I handled it correctly.


We most certainly are not! Have you seen the likes of what @beeko and @Rochey post?

We seem to have this overly respectful thing for Mayo which I don’t get. Kerry and some of their players get all sorts of abuse and that seems ok. Maybe it’s the player - St Andy! If someone was calling him a w****r or any other such term I’d be the first to flag it. But a play on his name - nah. Like I say no-one called him a scumbag or a tramp.

While I respect Mayo and their players as I do all other counties I just don’t get the love-in.


You trying to get me and @Rochey banned? You want a free run at pun-of-the-year?


Lads, being a moderator is an unpaid, time-consuming and thankless job that not many want to do. In general, Res Dubs is very fair. There are other fora where anything goes and some of what is said about players is just not on. Sites that are badly moderated end up shut down (c.f. the last two fora for Kilkenny). Res Dubs is a decent forum and we are lucky to have it.


No. I just want to get ye banned.


What have I posted that is comparable?


Nothing - I just want you banned.

F*** me the sensitivity here is very raw! I’m grabbing me coat. G’luck …



Fair enough. Point taken.


That a serious reply?


Calling out moderators for doing just that, moderating. Everyone that frequents this site knows where the PM button is. Attention seeking combined with a persecution complex seems an awful combination. Hill 16 Army or whatever that shite is called will be very busy over the next while I’d say. I suppose they need to stir something up to keep the wolf from the door this dark winter.


Is it not good to discuss these things among ourselves?


Too right, its saved my marriage along with sky multi room. Now instead of talking to her I get to talk to faceless strangers who have a love in for Mayo (except Dub09 who wont budge) and turn everything of serious note into pun hell. Except for the semi final against Donegal, unfortunately we haven’t be able to pun that one, though we did discuss it to fucking death where even Jim McGuinness begged for us to stop it.