Get It Off Your Chest


Not trying to be witty at all. I mean every word of it.


I watched the International Rules Game over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Seemed far more competitive than previous years and there was a few cracking scores.

Some good performances from a few of the Irish players. Although I have no idea what Paul Murphy from Kerry is doing out there. At 5’8" he looks like a kid running around trying to chase grown men!

10 points down and the second test to come next Saturday morning sets it up nicely.


So you object to Nelson Mandela becoming a free man of Dublin?


Peter mcverry isn’t a dub.


Dublin born or made a massive or unique contribution to the city. It’s not that hard to understand surely.
Nelson Mandela has absolutely no connection to Dublin at all. No more than Aung San Su Kyi.


It is not restricted to Dublin born people or people who contribute to the city. The City Council’s own website says the award acknowledges the contribution of certain people to the life of our city but that it also ‘bestows honour to important visitors to Dublin.’

So do you want to rewrite the ‘rules’ for who gets it? Incidentally JK Rowling is a Freewoman of London as is our old friend Douglas Haig … whose incompetence sent hundreds of thousands of Irishmen to their death …


Yep. I’ll rewrite the rules happily. The idea of a bunch of councillors deciding who is important doesn’t do it for me. A lot of the choices are ludicrous. Obama was granted it in February. And his wife. Why. For being married to him?

Off the wall stuff.


I have to be honest Alan - I’d be a bit peeved to see Enda Varley getting it …


Mind you, David Clarke might be due one with that final kickout being a “unique contribution to the city”


He has already got overrewarded!!

Someone should start a thread to see who we’d get Alan to honour.

Gooch for me - huge testimonial dinner which raised €12.50 for two charities … each!


Just seen the Gardai up there on St Stephens Green kicking all Geldof’s sheep out.


for being a fox. I’m all for Michelle Obama getting free woman of Dublin


Mugabe under house arrest? How dare they treat an ex-WHO Goodwill Ambassador like this???


Christian Bale is shape shifting again for his role as Dick Cheaney . Guys a psycho !


Method actors. Mad f*****s


There’s madness in their method …


one of the more enjoyable roles I’d imagine. piling on the pounds and getting paid to do it.


No bother to him losing it as well .Maybe this will be the fat Brando period of his career .


Boggles the mind that every year people have to be reminded not to do this


Be safer to just use the microwave.