Get It Off Your Chest


Heat seemed to be a big factor , the Australian team apparently only started training with the round ball on Thursday .

Also surly they could of catered for the Irish TV audience better than to have it at 5am , could of been played at night time over there ?


I see McManus and Murphy scored 18/22 of our scores. Hardly a good thing.

It’s hardly fair to ask our lads to adapt to kicking the round ball when they’re not used to it either …


The bould Marty said (when being interviewed by Aussie TV presenter) that Audi is Ireland’s best footballer. Admittedly, he may be trying to sell the game to the Aussie audience.


Vorsprung Durch Technik eh Aido…


Admittedly I’d say Marty believes that.


The amount of basic mistakes he made were disgraceful. Just beyond belief.


George Hamilton is the same … constantly naming the wrong player …


That’s part and parcel of being an RTE commentator. Ger Canning sometimes gets the sport wrong, nevermind the players’ names.


He said Dublin were the team in yellow at one stage during the summer. The other team weren’t in yellow either. Maybe he just saw a blur of gold…


The glow of his skin reflecting off his teeth


Whatever your thoughts on who does or doesn’t wear a poppy and the triumphalism of Rememberance Day events, some idiots still want to set us back 40 years, as evidenced in Omagh today.


What did Leo do?


The man is a prick. How did genocide in Burma become Dublins fault. A subtle and another slieveen dig at Ireland. ■■■■ him


He should never have had it anyway, the Sside prick.


He’s more entitled to it than she is.

That honour should be reserved for people from Dublin or who have made a massive or unique contribution to the city. She’s not one of them.


Is there no end to Sir Bob’s irrelevance? A narcissist of the highest order.


that freeloading fucker Nelson Mandela. his family should send it back. as for sir robert. well screw him


Yep. Should be reserved for Dublin people. Totally agree with you. Although there was no need to call him what you did.


look at you trying to be witty. like a new born foal trying to walk.


I can’t contain my apathy about Bob.