Get It Off Your Chest


That often amazes me, too… “Our Illustrious Dead” is another one.


and the grateful dead too. groovy.


Down in gaillimh doing a bit of recy for the league top draw here forget the rest big dubs party here for march wake up the whest na dubs abú


Agree they thought they would be home by Christmas. Crazy war with 18th century battle tactics. Even the final scene in blacksdder goes forth shows the complete stupidness iof it. Over the top. ■■■■ that.


The military incompetence was staggering - especially that of Haig. The battle of Passchendaele was commemorated earlier this year when Southern soldiers and Unionists were slaughtered together just to ‘win’ a couple of hundred yards. Which was lost - and more - a few weeks later. There was no differentiating the canon fodder.


Meanwhile in the banana republic our own little right wing Torie from castleknock and his multi platform PR machine thinks 315,000 is an affordable home. This guy is fucking lucifer. A wolf in sheeps clothing. I’d take Bertie or Cowan back in the morning I dislike this guy that much.


He’s not quite Bertie yet.

But a turd nonetheless.


33.3% of Bertie?


Sounded like an enjoyable night…


All this talk of wars, you would swear there was another one coming the way yiz are going on


Skynet has become self aware.


That was 4 years ago!


A bite to eat and a couple of pints, turned into 2am rocking it in the quays great craic but will be paying the price for the whole weekend never learn :roll_eyes:


Communication very different back then, everybody believed their leaders and the press. Lots of people were very against war in Iraq, it wasn’t really sold at all, it was foisted. The usual idiots believed it of course but most knew it was oil and empire. The Trump and Brexit stuff has gone on to show that western leaders will pretty much ride roughshod over the populace now. Perhaps because we got too soft


Wasted Effort too. The Castlebar game will be much more Craic than the Wind Tunnel that is Salthill.


The boom is getting boomer! Stop talking the economy down. Remember, by the end Bertie was a socialist!! I can’t stand Leo either but my hatred of Pathkal and Ross O Carroll - Murphy (minister for child-only hotels) knows no bounds.


Varadker the bullshitter followed Doherty. My hatred knows No bounds. Murphy just waiting for the mid term shuffle. Plonker.


Don’t know where to put this. Watching the international rules. The team is bunched without Dublin players. The likes of Shane Walsh and Geaney have been poor. Without Conor McManus we would have been hammered. They won by 10. You’d often wonder what criteria are used for picking players and managers? We could still win the serious but I’m curious!


Little to do with players or managers. Gaelic Footballers can no longer kick pass a ball properly or kick under pressure.

Marty Morrissey was beyond embarrassing.


A number were asked but declined.