Get It Off Your Chest


I’m munchen on them.


Yep, your only contribution, indeed. Apart from “comparing James McLean getting racist abuse to the Nat Anthem being played at the end of the night”, where did you pluck that nugget of context and summarisation from?
The original posts in this discussion were purely about the poppy-wearing and its tradition/meaning, and Irish people who fought in the wars. Other stuff now getting dragged in as usual with people going for the handy stance of “think of the (McLean) children!!” Stay in proper context and you might have something worth saying.


You have to admire the Germans. Started two world wars, the whole Nazi thing, have reconquered Europe, saddled others with their bank debt, and are a thriving economy.

And still the English are more disliked.


And don’t forget the mullet. Fockers destroyed all the coolness associated with it.


technically it was the Austrians in ww1


Really it was the British, French and Russians, fearing Germany, with its roaring economy, encroaching on their empires by making claims in the colonies, who played along with it all and were happy to bring it to a head.


Hitler was also an Austrian …


More a Bosnian Serb. And a lot of big egos.


The Archduke was paraded up and down that street 3 times on the day of the assassination, Austrian security was less than at its best. To use the phrase. Ferdy was a patsy. The Austrians were mad to invade Serbia so much so that they were mobilised in lightening quick time.


There’s an excellent book by Christopher Clark called The Sleepwalkers that sets out the context and dynamics at play in the build up to the war. He argues that for various reasons they all basically reached a point where they could not back down and war was inevitable.


yip. the ententes kicked in. there was ample opportunity for everyone to step off the ledge. In truth no one wanted. Austro Hungarian, Romanov and Ottoman empires were falling on their arses. War was a necessity for them all

this book is an excellent account of what happened on the day.


It was our friend Gavrillo Princip! The scamp!


Read a book on Princip and that day, can’t recall the name. Has been some great stuff out to commemerate the various centenaries.

What’s remarkable is nobody has really dug into how the war was sold to the population, and drawn reference or comparison to wars since, and particulary the Iraq invasion. Power of the media, economics, culture, reigion etc - and people keep falling for it.


The Tan War, and Civil War centenaries should be a laugh.


It is essential to get the Blueshirts out of power before either event.


Their 1916 video was inspiring.

And their pictures of John Redmond et al on College Green.


WWI was basically a war between royal cousins, fouggt by their subjects, was it not?


You’d want to get rid of Netflix …


think that was game of thrones


There’s a cenotaph in the middle of Cookstown for WW1…with ‘our glorious dead’ inscribed in big letters.

Amazing how a needless slaughtering match lasting 4 years, has been turned into some act of glory over the years.

Poor sods went for misguided adventure/loyalty and never came home.