Get It Off Your Chest


You talk some utter bollocks at times



Its our fault for voting these guys in.


Sorry, buddy… was talking about UK.


You kept that list rather short.


I didn’t vote the ■■■■■ in. But all I will say is thank ■■■■ they sent Hayes of to Europe with hogan


pedant alert. Technically were were in UK in 1916.


Only a real expert would know that. But thanks for your contribution to the debate.


Would they be more acceptable? :wink: Or a diversity of plants/leaves/blooms for the said day(s)?


No. No they wouldn’t. The British legion can go an suck my rusty man piece. I’m not in a position to support terrorists.


Yep as opposed to your very useful contribution, comparing pubs in Ireland playing the national anthem at the end of the night to the sectarian abuse James McClean gets for not wearing a poppy… and Yano, the rest of that useless post, that sounded more like the ramblings of a 90 year old in a nursing home. Perhaps it was an attempt at humour…


Alright… the mainland… FFS!!! :wink:


Ageist. At least my ramblings are not abusive vitriol like yours. You really are an angry poster. Yes there is humor, you should try it sometime. Wit can be purely shallow. Or an opinion that doesn’t depend on rubbishing what you don’t agree with or don’t understand. But you know if it upsets you then I’m probably doing something right, it’s often the sign of someone who doesn’t like having their cozy world view challenged.


Jesus there’s an accusation and a half, care to show me some of my anger and abusive vitriol? Considering my only contribution to this debate was that I’ve no problem with people wearing it, I’m not sure exactly what “cozy world view” of mine you’re challenging, I don’t think you know either to be fair.


Do some pubs still play the national anthem at the end of the night?




The German football team are wearing poppies against England as a sort of olive branch gesture. This is despite England fans, albeit a minority, booing the German anthem and singing a variety of provocative anti German songs when they met last in Dortmund. Now I know the Germans are a lovely bunch of lads and lassies, but this pandering and appeasement of right wing Tory party pro British nationalistic wankology is nauseating at best. They should say fcuk ur poppy and brainless supporters. The empire has listed. Auf wiedersehen, and hammer them 4 nil.


In Stuttgart a few years ago, the German fans were singing to us “we hate England more than you, we hate England, we hate England, we hate England more than you!”


Why would they hate us?


Fnarr fnarr


Put down your potatoes, you pixie headed f**k!