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If it was about recognising the loss involved, especially of world war one, then I wouldn’t object, and could possibly even support it.

But it’s not about that. And you regularly read about ex-servicemen who don’t support it because of what it has become.

Leo is Leo, is FG. Good point re his opposition to the wearing if the Easter Lily. Also, every answer is deflected to Sinn Fein, most people eventually will see through this and realise he’s an empty shirt.


Important to highlight I didn’t write that, partly copied and pasted from another website.


What also should be pointed out, I believe, is that those who fought in WWI were conscripted. Nobody who has served for the British Security/Defence forces in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc has been forced to do so. It should fall to the British Government itself to see that any member of their army, marine force or air force (and their families) who is killed or wounded is suitably compensated, in my opinion.


Pedantic Pete here. There was no conscription in Ireland for ww1.

We had a Redmond though


Anyone ever visit the areas or graves around Ypres?


Yep, on Armistice Day 2016. Rather surreal experience.


My brother went a few times (he’s very interested in WW2) and he got told in no uncertain terms by the locals that the town is ‘Ieper’ (Dutch / Flemish) and not the French sounding ‘Ypres’. French is not spoken in the area.
Sorry for being a pedant!


I just did it to annoy our Flemish readers. Same way I say Londonderry when I’m talking to James Mc …

Wyteschaete, Messines Peace Park, Kemmel, Passchendaele … worth a look


OK so the poppy thing is taken out of context by deluded jingoists, as it always has been, more so in certain eras of course. But I’m sure the majority of people just want to commemorate the war soldiers of all sorts who died in the wars, should they not be allowed that? Why is the poppy thing such an issue per se, rather than just the jingo Jims and Jemimas?
Is that not just reactionary autocracy itself? Either that or yis are still childhood traumatised by the Wizard of Oz


The day we were there, we traveled out from Brussels. The city centre and train station was full of dodery old geezers in wheel chairs and walking sticks, wearing their 60 year old rather scruffy regimental blazers, full of medals, berets and caps emblazoned with all their insignias and crests. All on their way to their various reunions and commemorative ceremonies. It was all rather endearing really, and surprisingly low key considering how close to the actual battle grounds (from both wars) we actually were. It was also totally lacking in the in your face pomposity that the Brits bring to their commemorations. Then the following day, Brussels metro and airport were bombed and the mood in the city centre changed overnight. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe it !


They are allowed, it’s just that people don’t like it, or actively disagree with it.

I would imagine that, even beyond recent noticeable lurch to a jingoist/ fascist tendency, there is also residual distaste towards (or general loathing of) things connected to the British Army/ British establishment.

Plus, you know, the whole partitioned and garrisoned part of Ireland, and the overt/ covert role of British servicemen in that.

And the Falklands/ Belegrano (?) and all that.

And Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately it’s hard to separate the individuals from the organisation. You can have nothing but compassion when you read about the lot of the average Joe in the trenches, but it’s difficult to avoid it becoming a political opportunity, either way.


That’s fair enough Tommy. And sure there’s nowt wrong with having a good cut off a Bringoist. Just that it seems sometimes people are just actually proposing the same sort of thing in green. If some British people want to express national pride and pomposity based on poppy day or any sort of day, it is after all in their country. Just as some Irish people doing similar around Paddy’s Day is, or rather using Paddy’s for that, y’know, Wolf-Tones singalong etc. Do people who get so pissed off about Poppies and all that feel the same way about a certain element of, for example, Irish Americans? Or just Kerry Americans…


I don recall any Irish politician falsifying reports on wmd in order to bomb a country into the stone age. Comparing Irish jingoism to our war mongering neighbours is an incredible leap. Even for you Ted.


Our politicians are worse, the fact we are militarily pathetic in comparison does not admonish us from the whimpering gombeen role we play. Foreign direct investment is our drug at any price.


My problem isn’t with people wearing it, my problem is the abuse people like James McClean get for not wearing it.


Agreed. Worked in the UK for a few years and was shocked by how much it was forced down peoples throats by employers.


If you’re English working/living in Ireland, would there be a comparison with the poppy thing? For example the general anti-Brit attitudes, and animosity? The national anthem in the pub at the end of the night? 1916 commemoration every year? Rebel songs played, and sung with gusto on a fairly regular basis? The childish anti-Brit venom any time an English team plays at major sports or in some other major competitions? The never-ending victim mentality? The utter refusal to recognise Afternoon Tea as official and essential breaktime at work. Don’t get me started on attitudes towards Elevenses. The insistence on calling Her Magesty QE2 Mrs Windsor…


How about green poppies?


What about green poppies?