Get It Off Your Chest


I once posted a picture on this website of the butchers apron flying over the gpo on the 12th.
That was a joke.

So I like to consider myself fairly light hearted about the whole Irish British thing.

But there is something about the poppy that makes me want to beat the wearer to death.


I wanted to beat you to death for that one! :point_up:


The list was long


It still is.

There’s a few on here still that I want to beat to death!


What about the Irish who fought in those wars?


They’re dead. They don’t need money from the British legion


Call me. We need to have lunch dear.




It was in response to people posting their disapproval of the poppy thing. I’m probably very naive, I assume it’s an annual memorium of all those who died in wars that include WW1 and 2. Whatever wars, it includes many Irish who fought. I’m just trying to clarify the animosity towards it


I think the animosity comes in that it is also commerating all British soldiers in the 20th century, including those involved in Northern Ireland.

My own feelings towards it are a “meh” response if it relates to WWI and WWII but that beyond that, i wouldn’t be in favour of it.


I, for one, would happily agree to rejoining the Commonwealth - as a stipulation of a Reunification of Ireland.


Before we do… can we get rid of varadker and maybe Kerry first?


And your point been?


Ah the old zero sum gambit.


The annual fascist orgy of intimidation and triumphalism it inspires demonstrates clearly that it has moved beyond being a commemorative occasion.




Whatever keeps you happy …


Great post.

Just to add to the hypocrisy FG objected to the wearing of the Lilly in the same fashion in the Dail.


Leave Kerry alone - who are we gonna hand out whippings to in the AI if they’re gone?

Leo - Couldn’t care less. It’s not like he grabbed power, people generally agreed he should be there - I don’t care deeply enough one way or the other.

My biggest gripe with Republicanism is the fact that generally, a United Ireland is seen as some kind of Greenwash - and that ain’t ever gonna happen. It’s a reunification, not a hostile takeover. So think about a potential first conversation that might take place, with some imaginary figurehead, let’s call them Billy Orange:

Us: Anyway Billy, whadda ya say to getting back together, and giving this whole Ireland thing a go?
Bill: F**K off laddie, we’re not having you Taigs takin’ over.
Us: Ah relax Big O, it’s not like that any more, sure most of the gang down south don’t even go to mass any more.
Bill: That nae matters, shure yeas will just persecute us our our heritage.
Us: Tell ya what Billy, what would you want to consider it?
Bill: Dunno, ever gave it any thought, tae be honest.
Us: Here, you boil the kettle, and get the tea on and NONE OF THAT BARRYS SHYTE.
Bill: Right so.
Us: Tell you what, here’s on opening offer:

  • Rejoin the commonwealth.
  • Keep the Euro, stay in the EU.
  • New constitution, new Flag, agreed in advance.
  • Share the seat of government between Belfast (upper house) and Leinster House (Lower). To be honest, Storment is a nicer Gaff, we don’t mind if we move it all there, but Civil offices stay where they are, those f**kers moan enough as it is, without moving them.
  • Big Orange Parade in Dublin every year, but with none of yer shytehawkin’.
  • You guys can have the first Minister for Finance and Education - that will sort out the finances and get the Church out fairly sharpish. Irish is now an optional Subject in Primary.
  • We will automatically recognise Dual Citizenship for Ireland/UK, for anyone who wants it.
  • We kick the whole thing off with a month long bender - You guys supply the Whiskey, we’ll do the beer.

What does Bill say?


Same thing as they always say “Ulster says No”, as they always forget Ulster is not just the Wee six.