Get It Off Your Chest


Sure she’s paid by the fooking taxpayer … so really she’s helping out …


What about Mrs Brown’s people? Is Mrs Brown not a famous socialist?


And aren’t “artists” exempt from paying tax


not at the level they’d be earning. €50,000 max


But But Berties book


To paraphrase Vincent Browne, Ahern deserved the artist’s tax exemption seeing how his book was largely a work of fiction.


Love Gene Kerrigan


A really interesting read regardless of your feelings on the Halawa case.


Has it had any impact on your thoughts about it ?


Nope, none at all. I was skeptical about the whole thing from the very beginning & I still don’t buy it.


Leo Varadkar wearing a Poppy yesterday, what do you think?


Are you being sexist?


Par for the course for him


TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar has worn a ‘Shamrock Poppy’ in the Dáil to “recognise Irish soldiers who fought in World War I.”

“The Shamrock Poppy recognises Irish soldiers who fought in World War I. It was commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great War by the Irish branch of the Royal British Region to remember the 206,000 Irishmen that fought, 26,500 of whom died in battle.”

No issue with it.


The enamel pin, consisting of a green shamrock with a red poppy at its centre, is sold in Ireland by the Royal British Legion (RBL) to commemorate and raise funds for all those who served in the armed forces of the United Kingdom during the 20th and early 21st centuries. Though the organisation’s public emphasis is on the First and Second World Wars, in fact the conventional poppy badge symbolises all of Britain’s modern overseas’ conflicts. This includes the 1916 Easter Rising, the 1919-21 War of Independence and the so-called Troubles of 1966-2005. Naturally this make the RBL badges a deeply controversial – and for many, offensive – reminder of the UK’s colonial rule and interference in our island nation. Which, of course, the Fine Gael leader is fully aware of.

The belief by an Irish head of government that he should honour the deceased soldiers of a foreign power which sought to imprison or kill his ministerial predecessors in times past, has baffled many. Even more so when one considers that the RBL poppy commemorates the British ex-servicemen who filled the ranks of the Black and Tans and Auxies, the UK paramilitary police groupings which gained such infamy during the latter half of the 1916-23 Revolution. The mercenaries who burned Cork City or the town of Balbriggan are no less remembered by the poppy than the men of Irish extraction who died in Britain’s imperial service during the Great War. The honouring of the two classes of “fallen heroes” is inextricably linked and it is disingenuous to argue otherwise.

Interestingly, the shamrock-and-poppy design, which appeared around 2011, bears a marked resemblance to the shamrock-and-red-hand symbol used by several pro-British terrorist factions in the north-east of the country. These include the Young Citizen Volunteers (YCV), the youthful “street riot” wing of the revived Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), an organisation responsible for the murder of over 550 men, women and children during the course of the northern “Troubles”. The group is probably best known for the coordinated Dublin and Monaghan bombings of the 17th of May 1974, which left thirty-four people dead and 300 injured when three car bombs were detonated during the evening rush-hour in the capital; a fourth device exploded in Monaghan town ninety minutes later.


Next Leo and John Brittain will ask to join back into the common wealth.

Personally, I very much dislike Leo, Fine Gael and all their ilk. Leo needs to be hounded out, not voted in, didn’t even get the most votes in his own party. More interested in showing off his new socks on twitter. He and his party have sold this country.


I’d consider myself a republican Irishman, but what this poppy supposedly stands for, I have no issues with. However, the fact that the RBL have produced it, makes me a little bit more than suspicious about its intentions. Personally, blue shirt leader wearing a poppy is no surprise to me, and I suspect it was worn to aim ire at the sworn enemy of FG, the TD’s from SF! Everything Leona does I am deeply suspicious about.


Can’t stand the fucking sight of varadker or any Fine Gael politician.


Agree. Varadker has an agenda fir everything.


Yeah the fookers bankrupted our country … :roll_eyes: