Get It Off Your Chest


I hope you’re sitting down for this…
Christmas 24 channel has been on air since October.


That’s Spacey’s career well and truly in the trash now if it wasn’t already


Gate women put Colgan’s behaviour centre stage (via @IrishTimes)

Some pretty horrendous allegations against him .
That Harvey Weinstein case has opened the floodgates for the abuse of power in society right across the world .




RTE doing their best to avoid mentioning him by name. Clique.


Steven Seagal another name being thrown out as a “sexual predator”. Would love to hear of him being sent down, see how hard a man he really is then.


Steven seagal as mad as a box of frogs , absolute Headbanger.


Getting it off my chest. Prestige of all stars and player of the year is pants. Feckin Mayo love in, is the true failure attitude of this corrupt begrudging oh we are punching above our weight bullshit of a country attitude. Let’s achieve something and then get the rewards instead of the who you know would be a better way of moving forward :persevere:


Hear hear. ■■■■ them I hope we win ten in a row ■■■■ the lot of them.


Just so I understand you. Do you mean the All Ireland champions should get all of the All Stars?

Seems to me that you do.


No but having read my little rant back I see why you might think that. I actually over the years feel the opposite. They should be the best 15 players in the country in their respective lines and for me far too often they are not. The methodology of how the selection goes is as flawed as the game structure is itself. I feel it more a reflection of GAA attitude than actually capturing who have played the best this season. Quite often players can be missing all year and turn up in an AI final and get one.


Chillax dudes… the Ross o Carroll Kelly of Irish politics eoghan Murphy is going to privatise the whole problem and everything will be so cool.


GOP response will be : Now is not time to talk about gun control


I see the Champion of Ethics (Paul Hewson) has been apparently involved here…

Paradise indeed.


True to form, when questioned before about his tax avoidance in Ireland his reply was, I put ireland on the map which is a much bigger payment .Really great guy freedom of Dublin too .


He put Ireland on the map? What a cünt.


U2 have always had tax affairs dealt with outside of Ireland with the exception of a Company they set up in 1995 for all U2 Merchandise…


All makes sense now.


Patrick … and Kelley.

Still … Don’t see us claiming this lad …