Get It Off Your Chest


Presenting awards to his sisters, for evading arrest and skipping bail presumably.


is that a euphemism?


No. Google it!


SFW? i’ve fallen for this before.


Trust me!


woman of year. is that like the new housewife of the year?


They’ve all got lovely bottoms!


Haven’t seen the video but weren’t we all raised on mouthfuls out of a glass of Guinness?


He looks well, good to see.


A huge amount of trouble is caused by lots of people, when it comes to the ones who aren’t travellers or somehow representative of some so-called “minority”, do you get angry that their ‘ethnic background’ isn’t brought into it, for any reason whether positive or negative?

“Irish person in Ireland starts fight at wedding and leaves rubbish lying around before going home and abusing their partner/family”.

Im sick of those people getting away with it!


I didn’t start drinking until I was 13.


Just saw the Hallmark channel advertise a new Christmas film…due to air November 11.




I have no issue whatsoever with suggesting that it is disproportionate with certain groups. I’ll go further. When they stop censoring the figures, the truth will come out. I was right about Ibrahim and I’m right about this too! The numbers are kept out of the papers by the tree huggers.


Do you really think Irish people leave rubbish around after weddings? Bollocks they do. But keep pretending…


Irish people leave rubbish behind them all the time. I live beside a small public park and I regularly pick up all the wrappers and cans that are discarded. I’m not blind to the messes the travellers clause but in my experience settled Irish people are not much better.


I think you missed the point. Not sure what you mean by “Irish people”. Or disproportionate, in what way? To me it’s both disproportionately supportive and negative, which is normal with issues around what people choose to call “ethnic minorities”. Who are in fact(in this country of course) simply “Irish people” for the purposes of the vast majority of things. But some people choose to make it an ethnic thing. I had hoped Borat had got rid of all that nonsense.

And the Halawi story has nowt to do with what I was saying, only that you lumped him in with the stuff about minorities


Honours maths whale-saving bolloxology but work away…


I don’t believe in saving honours mathematicians, can’t say anything about them these days, poxy minority, sick of them.


He hit’s the nail on the head with that article. Dub Sub Confidential is great read to, he has found his place.