Get It Off Your Chest


Will Tubby’s band play “Walk Like an Egyptian” as he walks onstage from the “Green Room”?


I see he presented his sister’s with an award last week I think for their work involved in getting his freedom


It’s the Late Late. It’s Ryan Tubridy. There won’t be any hard questions. And if by
some miracle there are there won’t be follow ups.


Looks like his hunger strike left him with a need to put weight on…

Are his sisters still suing the state over their husbands?

They’re your typical “Irish” family so they are

It infuriates me that they get as much publicity as they do while we continuously piss on our own

As for Irish Water & Dail Eireann’s talk of refunding law abiding citizens before Xmas was just that - talk.

I’m sure many families would have loved to use that money in the run up to Xmas.


I’m still waiting on my refund :japanese_ogre:


We all are, I wanted to use it for Xmas presents and the like (which I will still buy regardless obviously) but they’ve had long enough to get their house in order.


First question.

Why did you refuse safe passage in the company of Irish diplomats (the ones you were so quick to demand help from later on) when it was offered to you at the beginning of the crack down?

Everything else stems from that. And I’m not buying the ‘we were afraid’ line.There was a way out. Why didn’t you take it?

And until that question is answered satisfactorily the rest is piss and vinegar.


Just like the budget… Items that increase the Exchequer’s balance are introduced that night but things such as increases in state pensions and children’s welfare, etc are introduced 4 or 5 months later.
How much interest will Irish Water gain by withholding repayments until the New Year, at least?


Fair play , wasn’t even aware we were getting a refund .Just checked the website , they will be sending out cheques when legislation is passed .
Says you don’t have to contact them , they will just use your existing details ?


Yep unless any circumstances have changed in the interim.


Its all to do with the troika rules on expenditure limits, if the exchequer is hitting its expenditure ceiling for 2017, they just delay payment till the next fiscal year and Bobs yer Uncle. Easy fix…except for the little people who’s actual money it is…

Oh and some blather about a delay in passing the legislation being the hold up, or similar spoofage


only way Halawa would get a hard time on late late show would be if he joined up with Ruth Coppinger or Sinn Fein.


First question - did Muslims kill Santa?


Exactly. Just watch the nodding churchill Tubridy not ask any sort of hard questions.


This is truly disgusting!!
I hope they are caught, locked up and the kids found better homes to at least give them a chance in life. :rage::rage:


Will we see the liberals jumping out of their skins to defend our indigenous nomadic people again after this? That poor kid must be no more than 6/7 years old.


Logged on after a few days off to see over 100 new posts in get it off your chest thread. Good read in fairness
Shocked by Kevin Spacey!
Good to have you back Whitey!


but knocks a pint back like a warrior.


Ah the Pikeys and Ibrahim causing angst! I must be the only racist, pikey-st on here? Or maybe the only honest camper?? A huge amount of trouble is caused by travellers but you are not allowed say that! They are an indigenous group now and it’s not their fault! It’s everybody else’s fault. Same with Ibrahim. Fcuking sick of it.


outside of daddys guest speakers. What else has Halawa been up to?