Get It Off Your Chest


More of it, albeit not politically related…

What is the world coming to?


Already came to long ago, just out in the open now. Ask yourself why so many didn’t report stuff nor did it get proven or looked into for so long in so many cases? Because too many people with too much to hide. This is not surprising because ‘civilised society’ is always a facade that most people buy into, to keep it going. It seems now alot of western societies have decided not to maintain themselves as they are any longer. The alternative will be interesting to see emerge.


Very good take on the Humphries case from John Leonard here


Excellent read and on the money


Halloween jellies.

sugar overload.

Balls to it.

I hate yis all.


Jaysus good man! That’s the spirit sir!


I just ate one of those grotesque looking jelly eyes. Then me nan came into the kitchen looking for her false eye …:flushed:


Is there a news thread on here? 6 dead in New York. Driven over by a guy in a truck who was then shot dead by police.


Attacker NOT shot dead, I believe, taken into custody.
The cynic in you could make you think that a certain, pumpkin-skinned, national head of state ordered/paid for such an attack in order to deflect attention away from himself.


Fair enough. But there are enough deranged c***s out there willing to commit these atrocities all by themselves




Ah, Billy…



Can we rename RTE’s flagship Friday night programme “The Hate Hate Show”

First that excuse for a human Katie Hopkins and now yer man from Firhouse

Tubs will ask all the hard questions no doubt…


who dat be?


Halawa I presume.


Much prefer to call him “Yer man from Firhouse” seeing as he’s so proud to be Irish…


This halfwit is on as well


Jaysus, I’m putting in the call to North Korea now with the Eircode for Montrose…:grin::grin::grin:


Will be interesting to see how the Halawa interview goes . I’ve not been following the story tbh but I know alot of people aren’t happy with him , and his motives for been over there in the first place .


No way that I’m watching it, the hard questions won’t be asked or his auld lad will threaten to sue RTE or something like that.