Get It Off Your Chest


Moral of the story is, run out in front of a car and get your next ten years insurance free!


I was told that too. Some thing about spreading the risk.


And putting the liability on to her /his insurance if they have their own car.


I didn’t have insurance in NZ, they insure the car rather than the person over there so we had one car and one policy between 3 of us in the apartment as we were living in the city and only really need it for training. Unfortunately my name was not on the policy so no history of driving over there


That’s a pity.

What about the NZ Dept of Transport, or whatever legal entity keeps track of your driving record over there… speeding tickets, convictions for dangerous driving, points on your record, that sort of thing? It’s probably linked to your drivers license, or their version of a PPS number.

Would you be able to get a copy of that, as long as it’s clean? I went online and got a Georgia Dept of Motor Vechicles printout showing my clean driving record over the past 10 years. I sent that into Allianz, along with my insurance claims history (or lack thereof) from the two insurance companies I had been with. They took both as proof of my being a safe driver. If you can’t get anything from the insurance company, perhaps proof of your clean driving record might sweeten the deal?


Hadn’t even thought of that and I worked for the feckin’ transport agency over there. I’ll give that a go anyway and if all else fails I’ve been on the sisters’ insurance since January so should be able to get a cheaper quote in the new year with a years named driving experience behind me



Yeh that’s because if they go to court and get a bad judge they could end up paying 50,000!


the blame doesn’t 100% lie with the courts. They are bad as well but the idea of an automatic payout is ridiculous


It’s not an automatic payout, it’s a payout based on thousands of cases worth of experience. Do you honesty think insurance companies want to give money away?


I had witnesses but they didn’t care. They just wanted a cheap settlement where none was deserved and encourage the compo culture. They gave an automatic payout of €5,000 and passed the cost onto me so I don’t see it as them giving money away


Once again, they gave a cheap settlement because had it gone to the courts, they could have ended up stung with a much larger payout. There are some notorious judges who side with the claimant no matter what.


so you don’t think they’re entirely blameless for refusing to go to court? and just blindly passing on compensation where its not due?


I just can 100% understand why insurance companies would want to stay as far away from court as possible



Great to see those pikeys being jailed in England for slavery.


Can someone explain to me what MORDOR is?

I’ve seen it mentioned a few times but not a clue! (I assume it’s some kind of culchy slang term?)




Thanks … Why though, what does it mean?


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