Get It Off Your Chest


Welcome to the Banana Republic, thank you for been Irish. Insurance Companies on a par with Banks for been utter ruthless fuckers.


Mine was around 400 or so for the last few years. Renewal was coming up so after hearing about all the rise in costs I decided to start looking around early. I was with footprint through a broker, but when I called my broker they said footprint are gone and the best we can get you is 750. So I went onto tall the other websites, and the best I could get was 750 myself. I said right, give me a call back a few days before the renewal was due. Last week they called me back and said, I can get you an offer of 430… I was like OK fare enough I will take it, but how? Footprint are back on the market. happy days says I. Saved 300 for hanging off!


whats the deal with footprint ? how or why are they cheaper ?


It’s something to do with the customer not accepting high prices, you know, putting their feet down…

Corny joke, I know. I’ll be toed off for these puns but I know I’m a real funny bunion!


Your a shoe-in for up for the match with those jokes


You must be the life and sole of the party with this level of gag.


Your starting out on the wrong foot with those puns. I can hear the sirens of the pun police already.


No Idea how or why they are cheaper. I actually deal with and have been on footprint through them for the last few years


Lowest of the low those insurance companies, what happened to competitive pricing? I came back from New Zealand last year after living there for 6 years, I’ve my licence about 10 years and I got quoted 5 grand on a bog standard Golf, cheapest I got quoted was 3 and a half. Currently renting a different car every 3 to 4 weeks and it’s costing me €50 a week


Jesus. so its only costing you around 2 and a half grand for the year, where insurance companies are looking for 3.5 - 5 and you have to buy the car too? No brainer really


Who ya renting the car off?


I’ve used a few of the main companies, lately I’ve been using budget and they’ve been pretty good. Europcar are usually decent too but can be more expensive. I’d stay away from the likes of Dollar and Carhire as they look to hold 5 grand on your credit card for the duration of the rental.

I mainly use Skyscanner to find the best rate


I’d say there’s a lot of people in my position who are doing similar. Makes you think sometimes about why you came home when you get shafted on stuff like this


Let me preface this by saying that I do believe the insurance companies are rip off baxstages, and I would love an enquiry into if there is a cartel (cabal anyone?) looking to keep prices high…

However, the whiplash culture has definitely had an effect on insurance prices. Even if it just gave them an excuse to raise it in the first place. There is deffo some blame to be laid at the courts, legislation and the judges feet. They hand out 15k now a days for the slightest of neck injuries… That’s a scandal in it’s own right.


The real scandal is the legal teams and how much they get … often more than the claim … it’s all a big self-perpetuating circus …


Yeah, the insurane companies themselves blame all the whiplash claims and the big payouts, as the reason behind the rising insurance premiums. They want a cap put on them of five grand or so, which is in line with EU norms, as our whiplash payouts are the highest in Europe. Not gonna happen. The legal profession will make sure of that. They won’t want to missout on the payout gravy train, if people know the most they can get is five grand.

Bolo, have you tried Allianz? When I came back from the States, they gave me a great deal, if I provided them with proof of my accident and claim free driving in the US for the past 10 years. I had to do a lot of leg work to get it, but once I did and I sent it in, I was given the equivilent of a five year no claims bonus. It cut my original quote (of about 1200 quid) by about 60%


Yeh lads, very easy to blame insurance companies, but have a look at the pay outs over the last few years, they’ve been rising by 10-11% a year for the last 5 years. Insurance companies in Ireland would lose huge amounts of money if they didn’t increase their premiums. It’s not their fault, they have a business to run. The anger should be towards the courts and the absolute ridiculous pay outs they award.


Lads while its a given we are gonna pay extra on renewal (mine is up end of Sept) if you add a named driver to your policy (wife husband partner) its seems to shave a few quid off the amount. No idea why. I saved €50-€60 doing this last year. I got mine last year with An Post.


What if you add all three?

Anyone in the insurance industry here explain why this is? I believed it was a case of the burden of driving being shared rather than born by one person alone.


insurance companies find it very easy to just hand compensation without bothering to fight it. I had a case a few years ago where I was driving through town and a woman looking the other way ran across the road in front of me. I slammed on the brakes but hit her. She admitted everything was her fault and she was ok. Contacted the insurance company and next thing I knew, they had paid her €5,000