Get It Off Your Chest


Spawell confirmed that the new stadium is shelved only to be used for club games


I take Ed power is from cawrk ???


What a fucking wanker. Bitterness oozing out of that article.


Get @dubincork to write a rebutal , he might like the place though :joy:


Jesus - its horribly written - hugely pretentious.Whinny of Dublin accents? ‘flummoxed by Dublin GAA fans’s karaoke appropriation of English soccer supporter culture’ ??? ‘The veneration accorded to Guinness and Bewley’s baffles us’ - the word is afforded here mate …

Irish with an asterisk … coming from a Corkman! :joy::joy: He is clearly unaware we have won 4 of the last 6 Sams either.

Bless him though … living down Kildare way. They deserve each other.


Jaysus . Some pile of :cow:
Sounds like he lived very far in off the road , where he came from .

COuldnt defend Cork , have ordered giant chainsaw for delivery to Beeko , he’s gonna do a job and cut the place off so we’ll be free from that lot .


That is one bleedin gobshite.


Not that I’d be slow doing the job but I’ll send it on to @Rochey - he’ll oblige in double quick time.


I have a sub with irish times primary to read Ross on sat , but going to cancel it after that .Is that the same Ed power who used to write for the indo ???


ROCK’s columns are usually available to read for free after a few days.


A whinger from Cawrk, who’d a thunk it?

Just another attention whore, please don’t click the link to captain crayons piece


Well would one of youze do the job, there’s only so much Corkness I can insulate the house for :shield:


Funny I actually met a dub last night that was spouting that type of shite about Dublin GAA! Though Ed Power is a gee bag pure and simple.


They are ,but every cpl episodes their will be subscription only so you can’t read them


If it means you get your money out quicker, whats the problem ??


Ní thuigim an cheist…


How many languages have you? I see you were parlay vooing the frankeesh on another tread!


It’s handy for social welfare fraud…


Wow. There’ll be thousands of people in Dundalk tonight.


5 years ago car insurance cost €335 fully comp. Since then no claims but premium rising every year. Received quote today, €700. Fcuk I hate this country and the insurance monopoly.