Get It Off Your Chest


Congrats Sam to you and the Missus, another addition to the Bars!!!

Best feeling in the world.




Holy shit


Congrats Sam_


I am revoking your invitation to my 21st…


Phew was feeling awkward abouting attending a total strangers 21st party. Don’t judge me to harshly lads - it doesn’t bothar me at all. bothers me more he supports Liverpool! Though the poor decker has bummed out as both teams are shite!


Though in fairness he loves the coddle and he put a curse on yer house if ya mentioned putting lentils in coddle. so yer never know!


Bongo’s profile pic is that of a man not to be trifled with, when it comes to his coddle. Although, there are times when it looks like the After picture of a botched vasectomy operation gone horribly wrong, so you never know really…


What sort of bellend replies to an article about the graffiti attack on the Lincoln memorial on The Journal site with a tear/ crying emoji??


same bellends that reply to most comments sections on websites


True. But one of those emojis? Christ.


Nothing like a good ail :joy: to get your message across and solidify the argument


Add gravitas.


surprised the cork lads never used the nazi flag. I mean its red and white too.


If I had a huge chainsaw, I’d cut that pox of a county off and let it drift out to the middle of the North Atlantic. Shiteboxes, the lot of them!


West Cork has lovely scenery. Pity we can’t just move all the langers to Greenland and leave the nice mountains here.


Was just thinking that the other day


In fairness there aren’t that many Cork people in West Cork …


I know where you a get a huuuge chainsaw - can arrange delivery as well , don’t let that stop you . Just givvus an hours notice before you start …


Wtf does be wrong with people …