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Funniest thing on here in weeks


Drives me insane. Most of the times when that I see what is causing delays is not Irish people, its people that are more than likely traveling back after a holiday or something, big assumption I know, but more than likely true. What gets me about it is its like its the first time they have gone through security! Waiting until they are next until they start emptying pockets, taking off belts, shoes. Checking to see what they have in their bags! Most frustrating part of any trip. I agree, start handing out fines and it would change quick rapid




Your heart would go out to the family of that poor Trevor Deely lad. It’s such a strange case. The mystery man never came forward but obviously some information has and now some known criminal may have been involved. I really hope they get some kind of closure.


Have been made privy to some info on how this has come about. Obviously I will not say how or what that info is, suffice to say the family have been given a full update on this, and is given way more than I am aware of. I’d be fairly confident there will be full closure on this dreadful case very soon. But you’re right D09. Re-hashing everything for the family must be horrific, but hopefully they get some closure soon.


Really hope your are right on that. Must be a living nightmare for the family for the last 17 years. Maybe, finally, there can be some sort of closure if something comes of this search.


i pray for that family that this is the outcome. Terrible terrible ordeal to put anyone through.


A heart breaking case, It always stayed in my mind as I worked and drank in the area at the time and was a similar age. I really hope for the family he a found so they can find some level of closure.


Different kinda post than I’d normally make on here. I’m usually bitching and moaning about the woes of the Dublin Hurlers but no negativity in this one :joy:Yesterday I became a father with the birth of the most amazing little boy. It’s gas how people tell you there is no feeling like it yet you still don’t know what your in for until it happens. To say I’m on cloud 9 would be understatement of the year. Just thought I’d share a bit of positivity on here for a change from me. Amazing how just like that, Everything changes.


Congratulations Sam_11. Very special days indeed!! Definitely the two best things I ever did in my life. Enjoy every second of it - and you will be awake for most of it :joy: - it goes by very quickly!!

Congrats to Mrs Sam_11 too - the real hero here!


Congrats Sam.

This is for TL and all flagellators:


Great news for you and the Mrs - hope all well and healthy .
You will look back fondly though on the days before this , at least you knew where the remote was where you left it …


Cheers lads. Dub09 your on the ball there, it was all her hard work. Looking forward to getting him in a dubs jersey although I’m half thinking of sparring him the stress of being a Dublin GAA fan :joy:


Congrats Sam!


Sam well done! It is the most amazing feeling! I have a son myself and the only gripe I have is that he follows Liverpool and Mordor!


Congratulations Sam_11 hope the young lad has a full and healthy life.


WTF, this is a ban-able offense from here surely?


Hate the sin love the sinner!


I’d keep that Mordor bit quiet or you’ll have ISPCC after you :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


Many congrats Sam_11.

Now go and have a good nights sleep.

It’s the last one you’ll be getting until 2020 ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: