Get It Off Your Chest


Wonder what he’d get now for that :joy:, great moment in that game .


What I love about this photo (apart from the obvious) is the look on the guy on the left as he considers what to do with that clenched fist…he knows he probably should throw it…but he really doesn’t want to. :tired_face:


Don’t steal this lads bicycle


Should have gave yer man and his mate a few more digs. Fucking scrotes. Guaranteed those two lads haven’t worked a day in their life nor do they intend to


I’d like to hear what happened after from a spokesperson


You’ve recycled that one?


Still pedaling out the same old jokes…they really do go round and round.


Airport security queues hitting the headlines again. Despite the liquids restriction in place for years, despite the fact that there are signs everywhere, people still present with illegal amounts in their hand luggage. Invariably the X-ray picks it up, the bag is searched and the liquid confiscated, and the guilty party shrugs the shoulders and moves on … while the queue has lengthened.

It’s quite obvious that the people involved are trying it on. That half bottle of sun cream, moisturiser or perfume - why leave it behind - maybe I can slip it home. There are no consequences - and people know it. There were two such cases in front of me the other week. Both knew what they were doing, the queue grew and the liquid was in the bin.

Why not introduce a set fine of €5 or €10 for carrying over 100mls through security? If you are going to lose €5 or €10 you are not going to bother your arse trying to smuggle half a bottle of Nivea through security.

I have no doubt it would ensure a huge improvement in security clearance times …


Great suggestion but what if you refuse to pay? Are you denied boarding?


No - you are put in the hold.


Are you O’Leary in disguise? Personally I think the liquids ban is bullshit, it’s to make people buy at the airport.


You don’t have to buy anything at the airport?? Just obey long established rules. It’s not that difficult really.


It is bullshit. But it’s the law. Transiting through an airport should be very easy. But for people like the ones described.


Everybody buys at the airport except business travellers, and those who arrive at the last minute, which these days are few because the bloody security takes so long. But it is BS. In fairness at least the prices of buying stuff on the plane have been a bit less exorbitant the lass few years, though maybe that’s just because the prices in the outlets in the airport are the same.

By the way most people leave stuff in bags because they forget, in the rush etc. Having to have all that stuff organised for the check is not easy, especially for those with kids or who have been drinking German or Spanish bier for 3 days solid.

But here’s the thing, I’ve been to many airports in many places in the world, and in the last few years Dublin and British airports are the only ones that consistently applies the liquids thing, I mean making you take stuff out of the bag. Is it that the scanners in all other places can tell how much liquid you have, or the type of liquid? Or is it that in truth scientists know that there’s alot more to it than the liquids, the other elements needed can also be detected?


Well if you forget take a €10 hit. You won’t forget the next time.

I have experienced it at many many airports.






I was going through security once and a couple in front of me (late twenties), both beeped going through security and both had their bags checked. Not only did both bags have liquids in them, but the lad also had a screwdriver in his!


Not easy getting a cocktail in your bag without spilling it!


That’d be €20 at least