Get It Off Your Chest


I have an extensive list if you’d like to compare…


I’ll wager Piers Morgan being pretty high up on both lists?


Great craic, altogether…

Great work, if you can get it.


They should name & shame them.


Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. They name and shame welfare cheats no problems. Name these fuckers.


In the U.S. Scaramucci is gone after only ten days. It’s comedic now!


Fully agree . Hope some pick up this issue and get the names


Surely an FOI will expose this. Two weeks to clear the bill lads or else read all about it. Wish I got away with walking away from the tab in my local.


Tweet of the year.


How did Fr Ted not have a scene like this?


Hope the bitch and her old man burn in hell. Two kids left without their Dad because of those evil scumbags


Thank god tvere is some justice in this world.


Anyone for a free motor


maybe he shouldnt start after all, not quite ready yet, load cough …



Fair play to Dermo, always the peacemaker … Keeping them apart and stopping those Mayo players from fighting among themselves :yum:


Quote: Which one of you Focks said my new car wasn’t classy


How high did he lift them off the ground ?

Great pic !


It wasn’t me , I swear it was number 22.


He lifted them up onto the Skywalk for a few minutes before taking them down when they begged - as just shown above …