Get It Off Your Chest


@dcr22B Tinted rear windows!? Ya pimp! :joy:

Cheers @squrm


[quote=“Dub09, post:661, topic:64”]
@dcr22B Tinted rear windows!? Ya pimp! :joy:
[/quote]Guilty as charged your honour, the previous owner made that modification not me


You bought if off a pimp???


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You bought if off a pimp???
[/quote]Ha, nope!


Had a goo at Over-25 last year, I would say looks good but check the small detail with a forensic eye because it’s usually swings and fidget spinners unless you’re somehow in a niche minority. These fluckers spend endless man/woman hours working out every last detail of their policies, the likes of us shams need to draw on wide opinions and experience to compete with that.

Speaking of cars for sale I’ve got a Hyundai I30 diesel 1.6L 2008 hatchback with UK specs(equivalent Irish 2010 model) and only 95000 miles. Very solid, relatively cheap to tax, insure and run. In lovely Dubs blue n all. Selling because heading away for a while. Not inside…


Careful not to sell it to a conman … they could leave you Hyundai …


Yep, if I ever do have to claim I’d say there’s more hoops to jump through then found at a lion tamers convention.

That’s why I drive like a 80 year old nun these days


Christ. No reward for great custom. Meanwhile billions wasted on incompetence


So don’t sell to a Radiohead fan who’s name is Connor you say? Right-o!


im no Davy fan but he would have been justified in knocking that Official out yesterday never mind his clipboard. I have never seen such an officious jobs worth bully. He was constantly on to the Wexford line and it seemed to be only to annoy them. Never went near Galway at all. With him Coming from Roscommon I shouldn’t have been surprised.


Some comment coming from a so called board delegate!!!


Hey @TheLoneRanger check your cabinet I think someone’s after robbing your Johnnie Walker…


I hope heads roll, the robbing cúnts.


Government will set up a Task Force or Committee to look into it. Bit like old school Dublin Corporation looking into a hole…


European Competition Directorate ?

Isn’t that Margethe Vestagers outfit ? Delighted , hope they go to town on them .


Blue shirts are well named , trying as much as possible to turn this country into a police state


Regina Doherty. enough said.


Rotten to the core.


Careful now she might get a couple of dicks to knock on your door and ask do you use social media and make ya sign a statement. Disgraceful that a TD has that sort of pull, especially her, painful to listen to.


As a fella posted on the Tipp forum- The Regina Monologues!