Get It Off Your Chest


Don’t waste your time. Do something worthwhile like reading Beekos thesis on time and calenders


Dub09 wrote very convincingly on the life of a golf ball , Slazenger 7 , naturally . Well worth a look


And not one mention on Connolly’s ban in any other thread. Looks like I’m gonna have to open it!


Terrifying images coming from an apartment block in London. Please God they got the people out in time. Apparently the residents had flagged the building as a fire hazard back in 2013 due to faulty wiring.


Hard to imagine there not being many fatalities. A building of that nature should not be engulfed by fire.



Took a long time to charge him and bring it to the courts. I assume the delay was due to health/mental issues he had, post allegations, back in 2011?


Plus the age of the child/minor involved , they are now 18 or over - they won’t be named but he has , so only those closest to the case know .


I know it’s not a joking or laughing matter, but the nickname given to Humphries after the incident deserves a mention.

Gary Sliotar.


That was a horrific fire. Just shells of the coach and lorry left.


Seems that Mr Blue has been busy in the courts


That’s gas! Puke football owner!


Davy Fitzgerald getting into an altercation with 4th official yesterday, knocking the official’s clippboard out if his hand and nary a mention of it on The Sunday Game or any other media since


Is there anything as f**king arbitrary in this country as car insurance. Usual bullshit quote which is 41% above last year due to

A) slamming into two parked Mercs while drunk
B) accidentally throwing a lit match into my petrol tank, or
C) because some guy in a broker’s office asked the bloke beside him to think of a number between 500 and 1,000.

Yes - it’s C

Tomorrow the charade will continue when I ring the f*****s in foul humour … and will eventually get through after 24 mins and being told my call is being recorded for quality purposes they say - but more likely to prevent the air turning blue.

You will go through the policy details with either a smart arse or else someone who no more wants to be on that end of the phone than you do this end.

There will be much mumbling of increased costs and payouts whereupon you will ask are you the only gobshite that didn’t crash last year.

You will then be put on hold while he/she has a right laugh with their workmates, imitating your last argument … "he says ‘did i kill someone without knowing?’ … and then they’ll come back with the good news that your quote can come down €20 … which is now only €230 more than last year.

You will feel you are getting a real bargain here and snap it up, leaving the insurance industry people laughing all the way to the Leeds.

Insurance is an inexact and unsure business except for the one sure thing … they will f**k you to the Nth degree every single year …

Bah …


Coincidence, gave up trying to get a quote last week after wasting 40 precious minutes of life. Basically have a commercial vehicle , thought it would be nice to have a car too, rang my insurance company for quote, to be told I would have to open a 2nd policy for €1280 euros for 3rd party on a €2000 car ( two thousand ) it would come down by €65 euros next year that’s with over 20 years driving on full licence never had an accident/claim and being the only driver on both vehicles. So in total existing policy commercial on van €790 fully comp plus to insure private car another policy of €1280 for 3rd party.


Holy Jebus Napper that’s dreadful.
Mine went up this year too , but reading those figures puts my premium in perspective.


Having done a bit of research, in the u.k you can insure a car and van on one policy, but not here in the free state so much for ombudsman and regulaters.


Have a 2 year old Audi A4.
Fully comp £530.00.


Yet mine is hilarious, 16 year old Volvo €540 fully comprehensive! I’m actually happy with that.

Incidentally, the Volvo is now for sale so if you know of anyone looking for a cheap, reliable load lugger then ping them my direction.


Try they were €250 cheaper then the next best I was getting recently. €800 cheaper then other showers of cnuts.

Now if I ever so need to claim off them, that might be a different story…