Get It Off Your Chest


A guy on the wireless who states his occupation as an emoji translator. Fucking world is fucked.


I’m sure if he reads this he’s gonna say :flushed::worried::unamused::relieved::disappointed_relieved::cry::triumph::scream:


I assume Paul Williams is wetting himself?

When is this all going to end? How is the Garda Commissioner still in office? How is the Justice Minister still in office?


I’m not sure people could stomach spending the money on cops watching every member of the two gangs 24 hours a day.


Just saw a video of the deceased’s car being removed from the scene.

No attempt to cover up the registration number, hope next of kin have been informed rather than discovering it via a twitter video from the media.


London hit again by lunatics FFS


Shocking, disgustig and downright scary. Pure c¨nts/


Trump of course used this for political point scoring firstly before expressing sympathies.


A bit like yourself so?


Wasn’t sure where to post this… but sometimes a joke can go a bit too far?


And to thinks that the 2022 World Cup is set to be staged here…


Saudi Arabia has some neck accusing anyone else of supporting terrorism.


… while my Qatar gently weeps …


Indeed… same for Egypt, UAE and Bahrain.


Have you a cough?


Pot calling kettle black springs to mind


He’s Flemish.


Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be true to say that the world will be a better place without this guy around - but I would reckon it would be a lot safer right now had he never been around.


770 unread posts in the Dublin V Carlow game. After that sh1te!! Will I even bother opening the thread


Dont do it