Get It Off Your Chest


Didn’t realise it would be that much… which is probably about the amount of duty on mid-strength bottle of beer. Fair enough, so.


'Zactly. Add in the bad roads, the lack of paths, the lack of decent lighting, dangerous bends, poor signage, lack of traffic lights, lack of regular Garda monitoring etc etc in rural areas…and driving home under the influence (even if you are just slightly over) can be even more dangerous in rural areas, despite the lack of high volume on the roads. An oft over looked fact by the likes of the Healy Rae’s.


That complete w@nker needs to be sent over to Dun Laoighre rehab centre for brain injuries, there’s a sizeable amount of inpatients there who were there due to drunk drivers, and will be spending a lifetime recovering from the injuries sustained as a result of assholes getting behind the wheels of cars under the influence. He’s a populist parish pump twat that needs to be taken to task, and now. A pox on our society. It angers me greatly.


Couldn’t agree more. It’s shows everything that’s wrong with this country that he’s a politician.


But the Independents are a force for good?


I’ll ignore the facetious statement and point out the Healy-Raes are from the FF gene pool. Says it all.


As the very learned TL pointed out Healy Rae are disgruntled Fianna Failers. Nothing wrong with Independents for the most part.


No … a great bunch of lads …


This has also been turned into a rural v urban (Dublin) argument for some people. The Healy Rea’s in particular keep driving this point, deflecting the whole debate. No excuse in this day and age for drink driving. Still know a few people who have the 1 or 2 which really is 3 or 4 but take the “back roads” home as its safer. No talking to them either.


I love the phrase ‘the Dublin media’ that you constantly hear from outside the Pale - and not the sports media either. When the fact is that the political media and even radio commentariat is riddled with non Dubs (uses kind phrase so as not to deflect)


Explosion at the Manchester Arena at a Ariana Grande concert. Number of fatalities according to Greater Manchester Police


A concert full of kids.

If this was deliberate then there are some sick fuckers out there.


If this is deliberate hope the fuckers are caught and hung.

19 dead


Rumours that it was a suicide bomber, arseholes!


Suicide bombing

22 now confirmed dead including children. What kind of a sick ■■■■ deliberately targets a concert full of Children


Disgusting news. A concert full of kids. Very sad.


If they cannot get to Trump or May (or Cameron or Blair or Bush) they target the innocent people. Their (Trump/May) security comes at the expense of they’re promising to defend.


Appalling. Makes your stomach sick. It’s small compared to the number of kids butchered by American drones but you won’t hear that in the news. Yes hang the perpetrators…and Bush…Blair…Obama…


That is the problem, between the lot of them they have created an uncontrollable situation and it is not going to get any better for anyone. And then you get the usual sh… from our leaders, "We will not give in bla bla bla, that is all very fine, but rather than telling us what they are not going to do, maybe they could try and tell us what exactly they do intend doing. At this stage IMO, unfortunately it is a lost cause, once young Europeans are willing to blow themselves up in the middle of our cities, there is little you can do to stop them.


Looks like someone is up to their old tricks again!