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Did that go over your head …




I also know people who have died from drunken driving, not sure why we have to prove that to have a reasonable discussion. I also deal with many people where alcohol has played a large part in their lives being or ending up wrecked. That also has to be set aside to discuss this issue rationally.

I already pointed out that some people don’t have access to that ‘gang of friends’ to share driving. I agree that people can use taxis but some people are really isolated, a taxi will be an extra 30-40 bucks, if the pub is your only social outlet, and has been for many years, and you’re on a basic pension or social welfare or whatever, how will you afford 100-120 squid a week for that alone?

And my pint was not about driving home locked, it’s aul lads getting pinged for being slightly over, and yes, publicans going out of business because the 20 regulars can’t really give the custom any more. I think some people don’t really get what it’s like to live in a really isolated spot as a not wealthy single older person.

And yes, I am planning ahead for my retirement!


Last time you saw one of them in Dublin there was 3 fellas following a star.


I see where you’re coming from but you can’t have one law in one part of the country and a different in another especially when you are dealing with drink driving.

Drink driving is still rampant in this country and they have to have a zero policy on it.

There’s always going to be the case of people in rural areas losing out but it’s for the best.


Fair enough but is there a zero policy? Last I heard it was one drink or so many units or whatever?


Not exactly zero policy but it’s not far off it


Should be zero tolerance full stop. This idiot is a waste of tax payers money.
Sister got hit by drunk driver few years back. Luckily no serious damage, but her car totalled and ongoing physio. Fella that hit her had 4 outstanding cases against him, 3 for drunk driving and one for under influence of other substances.
Judge refused to take the previous into account when sisters case got to court. He was from " law abiding family and helping garda with Drug Crimes in area" He got banned for 18mths from driving and fined €800. He was currently banned twice when hit Sister.


How can a bottle of non-alcoholic beer be almost on a price-par with a similar sized bottle of 4-5% alcoholic beer when there should be effectively no excise duty on alcohol free beer? That annoys the bjaysus out of me.


I think they penalise it for pretending to be alcohol … which is a penalty-able offence in fairness …


Only in Ireland ye get punished for not drinking.


It’s a bit like getting banned for diving


Pretty sure Non Alcoholic is cheaper than Alcoholic beers in most places. The VAT is still the same though so whatever it is being bought in at is the factor


It’s not much cheaper. I accept VAT would be the same but excise duty would be far less on non-alcoholic beer (if it is even payable) as against regular beer. I’m wondering if the fact that little/no excise duty is paid on non-alcoholic beer reflected in the prices charged in pubs?




Non alcoholic beers cost about a Euro less than bottled alcoholic beers where I work.


How much are they during happy hour??


Double …


thats why its happy hour.


I hate Happy Hours … they just go against everything I stand for …