Get It Off Your Chest


But if you have a big meal whilst supping the few harmless pints, there’ll be more ‘soakage’ and will help keep you under the limit. Now he’s saying that’s twice as bad, that’s f*cks that plan up!


Have you ever been in their pub in Kilgarvan? Trust me, the last thing you’d want to do there is eat. :mask:


To be fair here, if most of your customers have to drive to get to the pub, they won’t bother if they can’t have a couple of pints. Some have a family member or neighbour who will give them a lift, many don’t.


Either way they are not prisoners in their own homes.


All well and good explaining that to a family who have lost a loved one because some selfish ducker thought it was ok to have ‘two’ pints and drive home.


Think you’re simplifying it a bit. Some accidents happen because of drunk driving. Lots of accidents happen in the country because of poor roads, poor lighting, poor weather, dangerous driving of another sort etc. They also happen because people walk on dark country roads, either from some sort of necessity or riskyness.

I don’t advocate intoxicated drinking in general but I think people in very rural areas need an option, that’s just a fact of life there. You can’t expect very isolated people to never go to the pub for a drink, nor can you expect them to just give up their homes. Some of those people are getting convicted for being a small bit over the limit, it may be the law but as we all know the law is rarely exact.


Sorry Al but being bored/lonely/isolated doesn’t excuse drink driving ever.

Go to the pub, have a coffee, coke, non-alcoholic beer whatevert, but if you want alcohol, then leave the car at home. Simples.

Living in rural isolation does not allow you to ignore everyone else’s safety for the sake of your booze craving.


No excuse Al what so ever, none.


No excuse - if there is a gang of you going every Friday , take it in turns , free tea coffee or what not to the dessie driver.

i am filled with absolute rage every time the ad comes on about the drunk driver in Portarlington killing that kid.


Same here, a rage. Heartbreaking to watch. Those poor parents. And then I see healy rae the drink driving advocate and I want to burst his gombeen head. Defending a backward culture.


Every old person, no matter where they live, has a number for a taxi.In rural areas it’s usually someone they know who runs a taxi service. If you want to drink pints and you can’t walk the distance then get a taxi


I’m sorry Al, I can’t accept that side of things.

What DHR advocates cost my uncle his life over 20 years ago when he was involved in a crash with a drunk driver hitting him head on.


Grandfather was killed in 1980 at the five lamps by a drunk driver two days before christmas. He stepped out to get a bag of chips. There is absolutely no excuse to drink and drive. None. Should not be tolerated in any form. I welcome these new laws and DHR can go and do one and try and stopping been the stereotype gombeen man.


Same with me, 22 years ago, Uncle and family traveling back from Belfast hit head on by drunk driver, he was killed instantly and 2 kids were in critical condition, one for over a year


This should be something every pub should be openly and proactively promoting. Win win for all.


The problem with that is that you’re nearly looked at as if you have 10 heads if you ask for a soft drink like it’s a sin to go into a pub and NOT drink


Much more likely to get ripped off on soft drinks never mind get them free …


All they have to do is give free coffee or Mi Wadi to the designated drivers. Doesn’t have to be a Rock Shandy or a Virgin Daiquiri.


If I had a virgin daiquiri I’d be at home … not in the pub …


You won’t let that go will ya !