Get It Off Your Chest


It was a set up Liam. This is why JFK was killed, as I see it.


Anyone who watched the fantastic 3 part documentary the Irish revolution will have a better understanding of the Tory / DUP / solider mentality , in many ways the world thank god has moved on , recent events and the planning of that March are a stark reminder that we haven’t moved as much as we think , the cloak and dagger politics of Whitehall are as alive as ever , the non repentance and utter arrogance of the British shows no sign of abating



the whole thing is fucked up - maybe that senator can explain the injustice of the whole “people coming over here invading our country and destroying our culture” thing to the origial inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand.


she is a terrible, terrible person. i wont excuse her by saying a looper.


she seems to have deleted it, but shes doubling down with other tweets.


I am very aware of that order and have studied the Kennedy murder…no doubt there was a cover up.


Pity this fucker doesn’t just drop dead


This kid :clap::clap::clap::clap:


When you consider he is actually suggesting that, and the platform he has and the likely traction he will get with a sizeable cohort of the population - across the globe at this stage - you would have to wonder if we have reached a tipping point in terms of functional/ dysfunctional society. We’ve certainly entered a new epoch anyhow.


Extraordinary over reaction by the ‘politician’. Kid aside, it’s the most nakedly racist country I’ve ever been to.


I’ve never been there but have been to Oz and they tend towards the auld racism, having stolen the land from the natives. The Aboriginal and Maori peoples must despair.


The remix is just as good


Think Alan is speaking of Australia. Lot of casual racism there. But in this new pre Fascist era, it’s become more open.

I remember being there few years back. Was in a gym and a half arabic/half white Australian started talking to me. Asks me where I’m from . When I said Ireland he says ‘Ah not another bloody one!’. I started laughing and asked him did he not like us. He said Nah mate I’m only messing, better than more bloody Indians!’.

Had total opposite experience in NZ. Lived with people from all over. Mostly Kiwis and Europeans. Never heard any bad stories. Never noticed/hear of/experienced any anti Muslim/any anti anybody except Australia (and that was more of a local/parochial type of banter) sentiment. Very open, fair, respectful people. In fact that psycho yesterday gave it as one of his reasons for choosing NZ to attack, the fact they’re so welcoming.


Spot on.


Yes. One would expect a ‘conservative’ to act in more controlled way.
If he was wearing a Waffen SS uniform it wouldn’t have looked out of place.
People like him are a horrible pox on the world.



Fucking Christ


Seen it. FFS. Why would they pick this fella to walk in a parade?


It’s the USA, he’s Oirish, shure tis all grand, nod and a wink, ha?!