Get It Off Your Chest


A 5 year old girl along with her father was chased and shot by this ■■■■■■■.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Oh good stop that’s just horrific. What a ■■■■. What a ■■■■.


WTF has ISIS got to with what happend NZ

It was a right wing extremist that did this.


Deranged lunatic

Well done to all those county councillors who helped to amplify her and gave her a platform and nominated her for President


Apologies, just read that back to myself, I’ll remove the post.


An appalling person.

To think people actually wanted her as president.


She s unwell in the head , David Icke syndrome. Can be no other explanation at this stage.


I didn’t see it until after you removed it…must have been bad eh ? :wink:


when you see nothing but conspiracies every where you have a problem.

I am sure there are some conspiracy theories that may actually be true but people have genuine issues who believe them all. The Netflix doc on flat earthers was very interesting in that when they performed their own experiments which proved the curvature they flat out (pun not intended) refused to believe it could still be true. Anyone who says otherwise is painted as a paid CIA operative etc. Loons



Sure every assassian acted ALONE in history…:roll_eyes:. Everything is not a conspiracy but likewise there was/is conspiracies no doubt…merge them all and call people who say so a lunatic and those behind them are protected


Seems this lunatic was inspired by Breivik…will get his day in court now too which is exactly what he wants to gain publicity and spread his hate…

Life is too short for all this mindless hate. Sigh :pensive:


As I said I’m sure a very small % of conspiracy theories may be true but how do you tell which is which and yes anyone who believes every conspiracy is a straight up lunatic


The video of the shooting already up on social media.



If the crown prosecution services had used the same “standard of evidence required to secure a prosecution” for the Supergrass trials for the Soldiers who murdered the innocent on Bloody Sunday all 18 British Soldiers would be before a Court.


This WILL lead to trouble if it goes ahead…

Alan Barry, the ‘Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans’ founder, said: "We are not happy. One paratrooper prosecuted is one paratrooper too many. It should have been none. "We are putting out a call to as many veterans who served in Northern Ireland and want to travel over and descend on Londonderry and march through the streets.

He added the marchers wouldn’t “care who they offend”.

Read more at:


That’s one of the fundamental flaws with Social Media. Yes, we would have learned of this atrocity on main stream media, but, unless you accessed one of these nutjobs websites etc. you wouldn’t have seen the video.


Study it and make your own mind up. There are certain discrepancies in the JFK, RFK, Dr.King deaths and what followed…not all but some were likely cover ups.



So it wasn’t your man one the grassy knoll?

Very interesting article :+1: