Get It Off Your Chest


Took me 6 and a half hours :joy: tiny cold room so roatating and then fitting them all in was a bit of an ordeal, I’m just glad nobody who’s going to be changing kegs is fat.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they did sponsor yas, sponsor the Sydney Irish rugby team and pick a different one of the gaa teams to sponsor every year.


Great to see a token gesture in Derry this morning…murdering bastards let off the hook.


British state cover up…what’s new? They even cover up and hide the truth about their own (I.e Hillsborough). Plenty of skeletons in the Dublin/Monaghan bombings too I’m guessing.


Very organised white supremacist terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch has left multiple people dead and wounded. Explosive devices in cars don’t seem to have been detonated. Four arrested, and that’s only within a couple of hours of the attacks, so we’re talking possibly a sizeable group working together. The extent of the attack would indicate that though they are still reporting only one “shooter”. One Australian man who posted a warning online and then live-streamed himself carrying out a shooting has been named.

I really hope whoever gets caught for this is put in the toughest jail with the hardest case Maori and Pacific Islander gang members and left to fend for themselves. Of course the best we can hope is that anyone from Australia gets sent straight back there but won’t suffer so much for what they did then. The Aussies have been extremely proactive and dedicated in sending back abroad/“home” anyone who has any sort of notable criminal record and isn’t a native, even people that have lived there most of their lives.

There is going to be some serious shit about how this was organised, and how these groups are able to achieve this level of danger and destruction. It’s not generally legal to have firearms in NZ. This appears to be one of if not the most organised white supremacist attack in the western world. It also inevitably throws Australia’s policies and attitudes wrt racism up for discussion now.




40 dead

This was only a matter of time. In no small part thanks to the right wing in the US stoking up hatred against muslims


I’ve seen more extreme racist views in OZ than anywhere else.

New Zealand is one of the last places you would think something like this would happen. RIP to those killed.


These fuckers were highly trained. Who the fùck trained them and who paid for it I wonder. This isn’t something you can teach yourself.


Well, you can, especially if you’re ex-military. But my sense of this is it was, like alot of vaguely explained very organised attacks going back through decades, most likely in some way at least, let’s say, supported and enabled by some vested interest/agenda. Destabilisation seems to be one of the main aims.


Must have been ex-army.


Ben Shapiro crying crocodile tears. Hypocritical freak


Far right Australian Senator


I know I really shouldn’t but…
The logic of that sort of person is stunning in its brazen utter lack of rationality. Increasing Muslim presence? Pretty much every ethnic group is increasing as every expanding economy has always done. The increase in (mostly Christian or Buddhist or secular) Asian immigration in Australia and NZ is by far and away the biggest. But the current right-wing agenda is not against them. The Muslim population of NZ is one of the lowest in the ‘Western World’, probably the lowest.

Allowed Muslim fanatics into NZ? What fanatics? Was that the same ‘immigration program’ that allowed an Australian mass-murdering fanatic into the country?


40 shot dead? Mother of God what the ■■■■ is wrong with this world. No words.


Scummy ■■■■■■■ moved to Christchurch specifically to carry out the attack.

Should be fùcking hanged


Bit of info about the guy here , apologies for the Sun link


49 now dead.



Eye for an eye, fire with fire logic here.
RIP to the victims.


What a horrible family

Odd how when the shooter is not white they’ll scream their heads off about it. What happened in NZ is as a result of the rhetoric from Jnrs Daddy


■■■■ that. Way to pleasant. Should be sent to a Guantanamo Bay equivalent and treated accordingly.