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It’s not as simplistic as that. A relative of mine was a pilot in the US Air Force in Vietnam. Met him a few times and after the war he turned very anti government or more specifically the security agencies. He is not the same as this stupid woman.


It’s not as simplistic as that for other reasons too. Granted, current and historical Western intervention in the Arabic areas such as the Middle East, the Maghreb, the horn of Africa etc has been somewhat of a catalyst for certain anti West sentiment. But these nutters are following a strict interpretation of their holy book which calls for death to the West (amongst other infidels) Nothing that occurs in the future will change that. Its incompatible ideologies at work unfortunately (not to mention the Sunni-Shia divide, or Sunni vs any other form of Islam really).

Also it certainly isn’t just Western governments (who are elected democratically btw) who are bombing the fuk out of these areas. You have the Russian-Iranian anti US alliances, as well as the various rivalries in the Emirates and Saudi all vying for their slice of the pie, amongst others. It’s a cluster ■■■■ of various and mostly failing foreign policies.

But to bring it back to the issue of returning Jihadis and their peers. Whatever comparisons one attempts to draw between the actions of the West in the region, versus the actions of Daesh. I’d wager you’ll find significantly more compassion, forgiveness etc from our side than from theirs.


Anyone form Tyrrelstown know of this gang thats reported on the


I won’t comment on what I have heard, because I’m not a racist any more!



For the love of God, make it stop.

It’s bloody everywhere ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Agree, I hate it and all horse racing.


The Liberal?!

You can stop there. An absolute rag of a publication who have been brought to court for plagiarism.

The picture used apparently is years old and it was some rap video been recorded in tribute to a guy that died or something. Complete made up nonsense.


Yeah the Liberal… don’t read it, someone in work sent it to me. Still I had to ask, just in case I’m ever stuck in Tyrellstown, at least I’ll know I’ll be safe and sound.


Excellent choice… Oh wait…


I thought Jack Grealish would have got it…


Give to Bundi Aki or CJ Stander


It’s in remission.


Cannot believe he is not travelling over to accept the award in person :slight_smile:


We’ll have Bolsonaro looking to arm teachers in Brazilian schools now, I suppose?


Delivery of 72 kegs to the pub in Sydney today, have to sort it by myself, I fucking hate paddy’s day…


That’s alot for one lad to drink alright


Oh I remember those days. Glad to be over them. Which pub are you working in there?


Chain of Irish pubs called pj gallaghers, owner had grandparents from Ireland and thinks he’s more Irish than the Irish ourselves :joy:


He might be, if he doesn’t passionately follow Glasgow Celtic, ManU, Liverpool, etc…


I think that they sponsored the team I played for when I was there, jaysis 17 years ago now.
Good luck getting those keg in by yourself! Your back will be fooked after that!