Get It Off Your Chest


Starsky? Maybe not. But Hutch?




Back of the bleedin’ net ! :grin:


Jaysus that clown Anto with the All Dublin fans Facebook page is embarrassing most of the time, but today he even managed to go one further.
Mickey Harte suggested Dublin and Kerry had 14 men behind the ball at times in league final and that it wasn’t as open a game as some have suggested .
Dopey Anto responds “Ye Mickey we had 14 men behind the ball, it’s called throw in”


Moors Murderer Ian Brady is dead. Hope the fucker burns in hell


A disgusting piece of filth. He lasted a long time.


Frightening to think that evil like that ■■■■■■■ Exists. I hope he burns in hell.


I dont sell coke. I only have the food, so stick that up your jacksie!


Hey hey just cos ye got hammered by 13 men . … don’t go taking it out on me …


I personally didnt get hammered by anyone, I got hammered a few times alright, but thats a different story


Good Jaysus…


She should counter-sue him on the grounds of being a prick.


Well done Kerry :clap::clap::clap:

Bunch of hillbilly morons


He has a valid point about driver fatigue, but not about drink driving.


Oh not disputing that but every fucking time he opens his mouth in relation to drink driving he comes up with ways of defending it


A backward ■■■■ is all he is . Shiting on about rural communities been destroyed because they can’t go to the pub to have a pint or two. Can they just not go and drink water/coffee/coke or what ever. No excuse for defending this.


Not it he wants the family pub to make money… which is what it’s all about!!


of course it is, thats what makes it more galling with this fucker. he has more fingers in pies than a fat camp let loose on a bakery after been starved for 3 days.


Wait, I thought publicans are making more money on coke than pints anyway??