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That one just melts my brain.


Quick MayoMan… MORE!!!


Nah I’m going to bed…and I think this will be the last sat night I stay in for a while


Planning an extremist activity while everyone else is distracted then??

Person Of Interest…


Does everyone in Gaza support hamas. Are you saying all Palestinians are homophobic? Most Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are opposed to Hamas policies ( source the Washington post). Regarding Lisa Smith, if she committed a crime in the IS let Syria or Iraq prosecute her . If they do not believe she has committed a crime then the Irish state has no choice but to let her back in. She is hardly the first person in history who has committed a crime or supported an organization who have committed crimes war or other ones and has returned home after the conflict.


That is a nonsense reply. She does not have a community behind her and it would be entirely irrelevant either way, in the eyes of the law.


I have a big issue with people who are members of ISIS being allowed into Ireland. Two words. Ariana Grande.


Definitely would not let her into the country.

Crimes against humanity


And you know for sure that there are actual members of ISIS running free around Ireland?


Devil’s advocate time. Would you have an issue with members of the UVF, IRA, or whoever else involved being allowed into/stay in Ireland?
A few words, Dublin/Monaghan 74; Birmingham 75, and so on.


She is part of a community of which some may be disillusioned by her treatment and it could be used for propaganda purposes. In the eyes of the law there is nkt much we can do to not let her back in anyway is there?

I would say it is no more nonsense of a reply than bringing rape into it but here we are

As for ariana grande anyone let back into the country should first of all be prosecuted and then heavily monitored for security purposes

It’s clear were not going to agree on this one anyway


I get the point you are trying to make, but Ireland isn’t England or France. We don’t have millions of first & second generation immigrants from North Africa, the Middle East etc living in urban ghettos here. We don’t have untold millions of angry, disaffected young men (and women) who are prime candidates for radicalization by an already well established hardline element. We don’t really have to worry about pissing off hordes of disenfranchised Muslim Irish youth, or creating a martyr for their cause, to the extent that it dictates how we handle this nut job.

Leave her where she is. Let her face the music in Syria if she committed acts of terror there, or conspired to. If the Syrians couldn’t be arsed, then it’s straight to Portlaoise or Spike Island for life with her & throw away the key. After a behind closed doors military trial.


Agree with all of this.


Are you finally going to say “Yes” to my request for a date, pet?


I’m glad I drink cheap plonk at home as I’ve just splurted up a glassful laughing at that.


No but we do have a number of people who have gone to Syria to fight for isis and per capita a higher number than the likes of Germany I think which suggests there is more potential there than one would think for radicalisation

Agree fully on letting Syria deal with her how they see fit but once she or any other Irish citizen has been released if they want to come back to Ireland they should be abke to come back. It is a trickier situation as to should they be jailed again if they are released in ten years from Syria and come back to Ireland. That is a greyer area and probably to be judged on a case by case basis


The Manchester bomber was born and reared in the UK. His parents were Libyan Salafist refugees given sanctuary after Ghadaffi came to power, which was a fairly significant political stunt (and subsequent mistake) by the Tories at the time.

But I get your point. I see the UK revoked 2 more passports from these so called ISIS brides today. I would support doing the same to any of our citizens in the same position.


But if these people have no other citizenship/nationality you cannot do that, it’s against international law. The law may indeed be an ass but that is the case, currently.


I meant if we had citizens similar to the 3 cases in Syria where the UK government did so. I believe they are eligible for Bangladeshi and Pakistani passports.

Haven’t read much about this ex defence force chick. Sounds like a dangerous bitch, despite Berties kind words. Maybe stick her in Dundrum if we have to take her back? Could get a few shrinks to sign her off, can’t be too hard I’d imagine.


Logged on this morning for the first time since Friday. This gave me a good laugh, good man.

I have no involvement in the industry nor do any relatives. I just have a bit of cop on and value my own life and that of others (especially the kids in the back). I’m sure I drive over the limit occasionally but don’t consciously do it. I trust my own driving but have less faith in other drivers or how I’d be able to react if I got a blowout at high speed or something like that.

If I ever got caught speeding I’ll just accept it and I’m sure it’ll make me think twice in the future.