Get It Off Your Chest


If she’s solely an Irish citizen we have no choice but to take her back, you simply cannot make someone stateless, it’s against international law. But as Leo has already said, if she was to come back, she would face justice for any crimes. Not sure what more lads want them to do?


Do you trust the justice system in this country to give her appropriate sentencing? I don’t.


That’s a different matter but I think on two points we shoukd welcome her back.

First we don’t have a choice as far as I can tell

Second I think it does more harm than good in terms of trying to engage those feeling disillusioned enough to join isis by making martyrs of people denied access back to the country. Compassion isn’t the right word to use but an effort to accept them back


Welcome? Not a word I would use. Jesus I know we are a banana republic but ‘welcome’ to fundamentalist terrorist is not what I will using. Ffs.


No, and I don’t trust them either!


Fecking predictive text! It’s getting me into kinds of trouble.


I sent a text last week which had a totally different meaning to what I meant to say! I feel your pain Flash!


Sorry but how the duck can an Irish citizen feel so disillusioned to join isis…we have never invaded anyone.

Genuine question, what is the penalty for treason? She went to fight for a group that want to wipe out all non believers or followers of their cult.


Ireland and some Irish people is a soft touch and the likes of isis know this. I suspect they are Recruiting and planning from this country. It’s been reported Gardai and intelligence agencies are watching “persons of interest” here.


You’ll have to ask them but I’m sure they can be manipulated by people abroad that Ireland is no friend of Muslims etc etc and by denying them the right to come back we simply play into that line of thinking

They should be punished appropriately as terrorists but punative punishment beyond that get us nowhere imo and makes the situation worse in the long run

The old adage of one man’s terrorist is anothers freedom fighter holds true throughout the world and I would have thought that Irish people would be more cognisant of that than most and how policies like internment did nothing but breed further resentment within those communities. For the record I am not comparing the actions of isis and the various republican groups in the north


Your very naive my friend. The objective of ISIS is the establishment of an ultra-conservative caliphate that strictly enforces Shariah, or Islamic, law. This can not be allowed to happen and won’t be allowed.

One can point to western interference in the Middle East as the cause (and it has caused untold death and distruction) but the fact is this part of the world has been a basket case long before any westerns arrived.

A member of ISIS would take the head of me or you if he got half a chance and being Irish would mean damm all.


I’m not being naive. My logic is in stopping future members of the Muslim and it appears Irish people from a presumably non Muslim background from feeling a sense of disillusionment within Ireland

There is a risk reward at play where I don’t see acting the strong man as being the correct approach. You may have a different opinion but you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I think yours is naive and ill conceived


Totally different matter…

Well I would hope so, if gardai in a country of 5+ million people don’t have a few people of interest that they’re watching I’d be seriously worried…

Yeh I wouldn’t use welcome either and I’m sure maxi didn’t mean it in the cead milé fáilte way… obviously the only welcome she’d be getting is from the guards waiting for her off the plane.


I’m realistic…you can’t reason with these people.
Their religious ideology is so warped it’s unbelievable.

Ireland has by and large been very welcoming to people from other countries. It’s not about acting the hard man…Ireland can’t play that card anyway.

There are Irish people who always like standing up to the bigger country or bully…its u deratamdable and ingrained in us but also misled.

Take for example the pride flags at the Eurovision protest in solidarity with Gaza…do these people know what would happen a gay person in Hamas ruled Gaza?


Why not let rapists off too, and try to re-engage with them?


No Maxi. Just no.


Because rapists don’t have a community behind them generally but I’m not surprised you’ve gone for an extreme approach


You have an issue with immigrants and immigration so I don’t expect you to agree


Where does maxi say to let her off? Would you give it a rest


I have been told several times, by a couple of very reliable people who are involved in state security, that they have a watchlist, it’s updated by Interpol (or whatever they’re called now) and treat it very seriously. There are a couple of dozen in the country, but it’s generally accepted, we are at a very low risk of attack.

Being anti-Brit for centuries seems to have helped us! Fair play to ya Blighty!