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If that was the case every motorway and dual carriageway in Ireland would be littered with them.

Fairly cynical alright to get trying to get people to slow the fcuk down, so cynical they publish online exactly where they will be and have warning signs along the road! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They sometimes place one just beyond the junction of the Malahide Road and Donnycarney Road just before the church. There are FOUR sets of traffic lights in a stretch from the turn for Vincent’s and the junction with Collins Avenue. What in the name of Jaysis is the point of putting one there. Never seen an accident on that stretch and I’m living there near fifty years now.


Well if people weren’t speeding along that stretch of road then they’d hardly bother putting a van there would they? Whether anyone believes it’s as a deterrant or a money making exercise.

And in that area alone there’s a few schools and sports clubs with young kids on bikes and crossing roads so why not have one there. Even if it made someone stop and think and slow down for the rest of the malahide road wouldn’t it be worth it.

I drive the stretch of road from Donneycarney Church to Fairview and people speed regularly on that road…


yeah but they are in places where it is safe to be over the limit such as a long stretch of a national primary route where there are few vehicles, but where they should be is in the 80/60 kph zone coming into towns where those limits are in place because it is more unsafe to be driving over the limit there.


And if they weren’t in those locations do you think people would bother adhering to limits at all?

Take someone doing 100kph+ on a 80kph road… if he’s doing that unaided do you think he’s gonna bother his hole slowing down to 60 or 50 later in his journey… or if he comes upon someone doing 80 or 90 along that primary route he’ll not be thinking “this is a safe road to do far more speed” so overtake like a bollox till there’s nobody in his way?!


Theres a regular garda speed check on pinnock hill in Swords for years. Never seen or heard of an accident there. No other reason than they can hide in off the road and catch people for revenue in an area where the speed limit is too low.


these speed camera vans are supposed to be imposing safety. they are clicking people doing 110 in a 100 where there is a stright road of a few km, which is wide and enginered to aloow safe driving at speeds over 100 (to give an example, the road from cork out to midleton was upgraded from 60mph to 120kph with no work done on it whatsoever) but they are not clicking people doing 70 in a 50, or 100 in an 80 or 80 in a 60 where the potential for more harm is escalated.

there are well known places of fatalities and serious accidents and as i keep saying, the cameras are not there and there are people speeding.

also, speeding cameras are a very blunt tool in that they slow cars down, fine, but the vast majority of car accicents in rural ireland are caused by dangerous overtaking, and the cameras are no good in that situation. they really are used in a cynical way, for revenue gathering.

the whole penalty points system is revenue gathering anyway, otherwise you wouldnt be allowed to run up so many before you are off the road and even then for a limited period of time. If the powers that be really wanted to go after speeding drivers then cars would have a limiter and you’d be D/Q on a first offence.


Not sure how the penalty points system is revenue gathering. If all they wanted was revenue, they wouldn’t bother with the points and just have fines wouldn’t they? I know the penalty points are more of a deterrent to me speeding than the prospect of receiving a fine.


That post is simply a slew of innacuracies.


And yours is completely meaningless unless you point out the slew?


Maybe you’ve never heard of an accident there because of the speed checks? Surely if you haven’t heard of an accident on a stretch of road that means the vans are doing their jobs?


it is because you play a lesser amount = discounted penalty points. its an incentive, and if safety was the sole issue they could hit you with 7 PP and no fine, two offences and bang - DQ.

in 2017 there were half a million PP’s - average it out at €80 (as that includes mulitple points holders) and thats €40m

but only 752 DQ’s


We just won’t agree on this at all.

The purpose of the speed vans isn’t to catch people speeding, their main aim is to prevent people from speeding in the first place. Trying to change people’s attitudes and drive more safely. It is a fact that speed vans are placed in accident black spots especially where there have been fatalities, they can’t be in every location obviously but they use live data to determine the locations of the vans.

In any case… if the speed limit is 100kph, what is the rush or need to be driving 110 anyway… even if you had a 20Km journey (typical enough down the country) you’d get there 65 seconds quicker than just sticking to the limit, is anyone that precious that they need those extra 65 seconds?

Also it isn’t just about how wide the road is or what condition it’s in. it’s about driving safely to be able to stop or anticipate danger up ahead. The road could be lovely and straight but that doesn’t mean the car is safe to be driven at 110+ … or if someone pulls out of a side road etc…

It’s already been pointed out if it was just a revenue generator, the fines would be higher and the bans would be shorter and there’d be no need for penalty points. The article below might be worth a read…


'If that was the case every motorway and dual carriageway in Ireland would be littered with them.

Fairly cynical alright to get trying to get people to slow the fcuk down, so cynical they publish online exactly where they will be and have warning signs along the road!’

In response to Hawkeye Flanders:

They know that there are crashes on motorways due to speeding, and probably more likely to be fatal, given the speeds. However they would be more visible on motorways so would make less money.

However, cynical bastards that they are, they had up to 4 camera vans shooting fish in a barrel on the N7, for the last few months, where the speed limits are ridiculously low.

They have so many speed van signs up tgat they are meaningless. As for advertising, where is it advertised? Nobody knows! Anyway they move the vans regularly and it would be impossible to track them.

The whole thing is a scam and a scandal. I know that in the case of Meath, they hide them under bridges, at dips in the road, around bends etc. Sly and deliberate.


It is painful to read your posts on this. Do you work in this area? If they were just there to remind people to slow down, they could use signs. They are there to make money.


“No pride is apartheid” and the rainbow flags out in force today along with the Palestine flags outside rte studios…very ironic…Hamas and these people would likely stone a gay person to death.


I didn’t think you could back up your post and you’ve just proven you can’t.

But I like your idea, why don’t they just put up signs that we could all read. We could even write the speed limit on them. You’ve cracked it!

FFS :joy:


According to Hawkeye:

The purpose of the speed vans isn’t to catch people speeding, their main aim is to prevent people from speeding.

Hawkeye, either you, or a close friend/relative, works in this area. Either that or you are living in cloud-cuckoo land. I’d say you never went to school without the homework done. You were the best boy in the class.


We won’t agree because what you are saying isn’t what is happening on the ground out here. Saw two cars overtaking six and forcing three cars ahead of me to slow to avoid a collision in that very stretch this evening. Put a camera van where the road narrows and where this happens all the time?
No. It’s up the road on the other side to catch lads a few k over.
I’m not saying speeding is not dangerous, but that first you can stop speeding quicker in a different way and second there are more dangerous behaviours on the road.

And back to revenue - why not almost zero tolerance so? No fines, two.strikes, off the road. Nope, hit the pocket.


One of the major problems I have is the fact that each local council seems to be able to set their own speed limits on roads, especially on what’s classed as secondary roads in Ireland.
I’ve noticed even this year when travelling to away games that the majority of these types of roads have 100km limits further ‘down the country’. Nearer Dublin however the limits are totally different. The old N1 between Balbriggan and Swords is all either 80 or in places 60 km zones. The old N2 out past the white house and Coolquay is a 60km zone which is a ridiculous limit on that road. If it was set at 100 nationally on these ‘old’ main roads at least people would know where they stand. To be in a position that you get points, and a fine, for doing 65km on a stretch of road when you can legally drive 35km faster on an identical stretch of road 50 miles down the road is ridiculous and causes a lot of the frustration people feel with the entire points system.