Get It Off Your Chest


With the greatest of respect Mayoman drink isn’t the only solution to rural isolation but that’s how it is sold… and who is it sold by? Those with vested interests, the vintners association, TDs who are also publicans.

One side of my family are from the backend of Kerry so I know enough and have seen enough all my life. What’s stopping a group of 4/5 friends going to the pub every night of the week but they take a night each where one of them does the driving.


What’s stopping them all drinking 7Up? That’s what gets me - when you hear the Healy Rae bell ends. You’d swear people couldn’t have a coffee or a soft drink in a pub.


The ■■■■■ charge an arm and a leg for soft drinks too. You’d think they’d have no problem with an excuse encouraging people to be buying it


Or even non alcoholic beer. They go on about wanting company etc. If they want it that bad, why the need to have alcohol? Bulshit from the Healy Raes


nope nope nope, I only work in this town. I live a fair distance away.



Sadly a report today shows road deaths are up 30% this year. All this despite a massive Garda campaign against “next morning” motorists…like I suspected. They are nowhere to be seen chasing down the boy racers and the only speed enforcement I see is the 50km zones with the speed vans…a €€€ making exercise.


Drive Belfast to Dublin & back quite frequently.

Still amazed at the amount of people looking at their phones while driving.


I’m just amazed that Shane Ross hasn’t yet gotten counselling for being a dry drunk who does not drive.


Those who own or operate the “Speed Vans” are complicit in a number of Road deaths and serious injuries in that they see, clock and photograph a speeder and do nothing about it.


are they private companies in some cases? Would they have any legal powers to stop people?


That’s up there with the most stupid comment I’ve ever seen.


its a joke how the road deaths stats are used by the RSA for utterly cynical purposes. taking misleading statisics in order to justify intoducing penalty points (in effect grabbing money) and little extras to the NCT. “5% of cars in accidents have worn tyres” type of thing where there is no proof that the worn tyres in those 5% caused or contributed to the accident. You may as well say 5% of cars in accidents were coloured red.


Or maybe instead of being up to the Gardaí, people take responsibility for their own actions and act like grown ups. Or if you know of local people doing it, call them out on it and if it falls on deaf ears report them to the Gardaí.


one thing that has to be said, though, is that in rural ireland the garda are very very thin on the ground. they know it too, and one lad i know was really upset telling people who had been burgled that they will try their best knowing there was nobody to follow up on it. I have seen only one road check around here in the last two years. The vans are a joke, this is true, and we all know where they will be by now so people slow (and everyone flashes to warn you anyway)


The van are placed in Accident Black Spots areas are they not?

I was fairly sure this was transparent and even detailed online.



Gardai are thin but maybe instead of sitting outside a rural pub looking for Tommy with 2/3 pints they should prioritize and go after drug dealers…because drugs are a big problem now in every small town.


theres a very flexible definition of a road which has had fatalities or a black spot - for example there are three locations of where there have been serious accidents and deaths on the Roscrea/Templemore road and they never have a speed van. The long stretch between Dunkerrin and Roscrea usually does. The last deaths there were before the road was improved and then bypassed altogether by the M7.


I mean, it’s not exactly like the guards can go up and just ask people if they’re a drug dealer? Not exactly easy to catch people out for drug dealing, never mind with the limited resources they have.


They are in your bollocks. They are placed to maximise revenue. It is the height of cynicism.