Get It Off Your Chest


You sure abut that ?


Everyone one is different…internet being stopped and bagged at 1pm on a bank holiday Sunday a few years ago and didn’t get home till 4am…Came uo zero and was on my way…although with the ridiculous limit they have now of practically zero I would probably fail.



You certainly wouldn’t be over the limit at 1pm the following day if you’d just gone out for a’ few pints’ the night before.


Which is what I said, if you’re out till it’s bright the next day (around 5am) then don’t go driving at midday.

I’ve a pain in my hole listening to this rural isolation bullshit “that fellas can’t even get out for a pint for fear of being caught the next day at mass” (See Healy-Rae).

Fellas can get out for several pints on a Saturday night, just don’t tear the bollox out of it till 5am if you’re driving to mass the next morning.


two hours per pint - 7 or 8 pints , finish up at 1am might just clear you for 1pm the following day


Another shooting in the Wild West of blanch, flipping Leo’s constituency


It is a major issue though (rural isolation). We need some sort of Uber style solution so people in rural areas can have access to transport. You say your fed up of hering it well rural people are fed up about hearing of the Luas or Dublin bus lanes…ever think of that?


Sure they’re clogged full of culchies … at least Dubs aren’t congesting your homeplaces eh … :wink:


Plenty of dubs in Mayo…neighbors down the road have their blue and navy flag up all year round


That’s Westport’s colours!!


Ha…we wouldn’t be flying Westport colors in south mayo :confused:


Ha !

Drove from Galway to Castlebar via Headford, a few days after the 2013 AI final. Place was bedecked with blue & navy flags. Thought it was Galway folk deliberately trying to piss off their Mayo neighbours on their morning commute to work in Galway citay.

Nope. T’was for Headford themselves who were in the county final. Was v disappointed ! :joy:


No the Galway fans usually plant their colors inside Mayo like the infamous signs they put up outside Breaffy last year…back in 1998 they re painted that famous “Mayo Shed” also along that same stretch of road.

The good folk of Cloonfad Roscommon did wave Dublin flags at us when driving home after getting beat in the 2016 final…


Bastards! Hope they weren’t there again the following year.


The pubs here are empty till nearly eleven and then busy till early. I used to think they were staying in to watch the late late but that day has gone.


Local pub will drive you home, which is great but you basically have to stay till after two drinking. Great racket.


Racket Hall @dubintipp? :wink::wink::wink:


I can walk home from my local. On a few occasions the Barman has dropped myself and friends home after a “late” night where maybe a party was on at 6am…we have even helped him clean up…seeeping da floors etc…


Oozing floor boards, eh?

Hate tha’ !

What was buried underneath…the bodies of all the AI final refs who done you wrong?


Philly’s or the Stand?