Get It Off Your Chest


FFS, be fair, the man was having a heart attack!


That site has gone into meltdown the last week. 4/5 threads all going on about Dublin this Dublin that. Not good for their health obsessing about Dublin.


Can only imagine what it would be like in Sep if we do it


Preach !

I plan on tearing the absolute arse out of this in September.


Have barred myself from using it until then.


Phlegm. How?


Quite un-american parlance there Ohm…perhaps the mask is slipping…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Do ye get breathalyzed often? I’m interested to see because my area is under siege at the minute. Not for one minute condoning drunk driving but we have players going to games or training Sunday morning being stopped, old people coming out from mass last Sunday and what I would class as aggressive policing where people are randomly pulled over and have everything checked including being asked “where are you going and coming from?” - I was asked over Christmas “who do you work for?”


I’ve no idea (on most subjects!) what’s going on over your way, but all I’ve heard from people out your way is a complete lack of policing and burglars getting away Scott free because of a police presence. Maybe, just maybe, they are highlighting their increased presence? Just a shot in the dark!


I have only ever been breathalyzed once in my life despite living most of it in Dublin and doing a LOT of driving. I have been stopped many times at road-blocks and give my name and address and my general movements but would never answer a stupid question like “Who do you work for?”


Probably on the lookout for people on their way home from the night before & still under the influence. All for it personally. (Although not any rudeness obviously.) How are the Guards supposed to know if a young lad is on the way to training, or coming back from an all nighter? Not everyone is blessed with Cillian 0’Connor’s angelically, innocent choir boy face. :wink:

I get stopped at least once week. Not because I look like I’ve been out carousing, but one of the Hutch/Kinahan mob own a mega mansion a couple of miles down the road. So there are A LOT of check points in the area.


Young lad in training gear…fact is robbery’s have not stopped but are still low I guess when compared to national and international standards…I would argue community alert and a few incidents where locals acted have been as much as a deterrent.

Waiting outside mass for people or parked outside a hotel the morning after a wedding is aggressive policing. They were even watching a nursing home on Xmas day…


Ah here.

Parking outside a hotel after a wedding is the best place for them, given that most Irish weddings are three day drinking festivals.

But what are ye lot doing at Mass that is attracting so much Garda attention? Are you burning effigies of Ger Cafferky, Rob Hennelly, Donie Vaughan, David Clarke, MPTBNL (Mayo player to be named later) Joe McQuillan, or Martin Breheny & it’s causing pollution?


Probably would have gotten a suspended sentence down here


A bullet is what he deserves from an armed homeowner


On the look out for pedophiles probably …

Most road traffic fatalities are occurring in west of ireland and many contributing factors are drink driving and speed, so I guess there going after hotspot.

Don’t think I’ve ever been breathalized in dublin ever in my life but was going to and coming from a wedding in adare. As jober as a sudge I was.


I had to blow into the bag just last night.

My chips were too hot.


It’s speed the vast majority of cases and a worrying trend is driving while high on drugs. Can’t remember the last drink driving death in my area…young people and my generation just don’t do it…but the next morning and day is where they are targeting.

Ironically if you were stupid enough to drink and drive, you are much more likely to get away with it at 3am and opposed to 1pm the next day.


That is frightening and yet probably true.


Anyone still over the limit at 1pm the next day deserves everything they get.

You won’t still be over the limit at that time from just having a few pints the night before. You’d want to be hard at it till it’s bright out to be still over the limit at 1pm the following day.