Get It Off Your Chest


Pub in the Naul ,drown your sorrows … :wink:


Ah I wont be at it, unfortunately I have to go to Spain for a few days in the morning :sunglasses:


Fair play Harper … sure when you’re getting €15 for a litre of coke why wouldn’t you! :wink:




Ha! :smile:


Fella shot twice in the head near the Clayton Hotel on the N32 North Dublin. Guards saying it’s feud related


What? The old Bewleys hotel by the airport? I parked the car there this morning before fleeing the country for sunnier climes.


ResDubs does not make a good alibi.


Should make for an interesting conversation when I clear the Garda checkpoint @ Dublin Airport upon my return.

Feud related so they say…ah here…maybe the Kerry crowd aren’t so bad after all.


Stephen Gatley’s brother? Mad!


You sure?



Gately grew up in relative poverty in the working-class Sheriff Street area of Dublin.[10] He was the fourth of five children; his father Martin is a former decorator and his mother, Margaret (born 1949) a cleaner.[11] His siblings are Michelle, Tony, Alan and Mark.[

No James there…


Free parking?


I knew the aul fella well and he only passed away a few weeks ago, he was a gent.




Fcuk no. Over twenty squids for 3 days…and 12 hrs in a holding cell in Store St if I can’t provide a decent alibi fer me whereabouts. :grin:


Do you drive a Lexus?


Who wants to know? :wink: